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Aubrieta ‘Kitte Blue’
(False Rock Cress)


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Great for wildlife
March - May
10cm x 50cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

Simply the best Blue Aubrieta that has ever been bred! That’s why it’s in our range and that’s why it’s our garden go-to for carpets of prolific purple-blue flowers, from late Spring to early Summer. Easy, vibrant and long-lasting ground cover that will cascade over walls and landscaping, inviting bees and butterflies with its nectar-rich blooms, adding rich colour to your garden year after year.

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Aubrieta 'Kitte Blue' are so easy to grow and require very little maintenance, which is why they are great garden fillers, in between paving slabs or in walls, cascading over rockeries and forming low cushions of evergreen foliage displaying violet-blue blooms. A versatile evergreen Alpine perennial that produces carpets of vibrant blossoms in late Spring and early Summer, Aubrieta provides a robust yet colourful and long-lasting display suitable for a variety of spaces in your garden. We think Aubrieta 'Kitte Blue' is the ultimate in blue Aubrieta and is considered the 'work-horse' as this plant is so very easy to grow, providing interesting foliage and colour at the front of your beds and borders.  It is a vigorous plant that will fill pots quickly but maintains a tight habit with a height of about 10cm high, making it perfect for container planting. We cherish this Aubrieta for providing a cottage garden rampage of colour in the wall cracks, trailing down walls or banks, pavers or rockeries. Adored by bees and other pollinating insects, the nectar-rich long flowering Aubretia 'Kitte Blue' brings a wealth of wildlife making it an ideal perennial for pollinator-friendly garden spaces. Once established 'Kitte Blue' is economically water-wise, therefore is a good choice environmentally too.  

Planting Conditions

Aubrieta provides a cascade of stunning colour and are easy to grow and require very little maintenance. They are happy in most well-drained soils and prefer full sun, but can also be grown in partial shade. Cold hardy and heat tolerant, Aubreita 'Kitte Blue' is an easy-care member of a water-wise garden. Opt for well-drained, slightly alkaline to neutral soil, ensuring it mimics the rocky, mountainous habitats where this perennial thrives. Providing some full sun exposure is crucial, with a minimum of six hours of sunlight daily. Adequate spacing of around 12-18 inches, encourages healthy growth and allows the plant to drape elegantly in the surrounding space. Plant during early Spring for seamless establishment. By adhering to these planting guidelines, you set the stage for a wonderful Aubrieta showcase with vibrant violet-blue blooms.

Watering & Feeding

Care for Aubrieta 'Kitte Blue' with mindful watering and feeding. We recommend maintaining the soil moisture, especially during dry spells, ensuring hydration without waterlogging. This perennial thrives with a balanced approach, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Watering at the base of the plant to avoid wetting the foliage, helping to avoid disease and mildew. Feeding is modest; a well-balanced, slow-release fertiliser in Spring provides ample nutrients for healthy growth without excessive lushness. Moderation in feeding prevents overstimulation. By paying careful attention to watering and feeding, 'Kitte Blue' will reward you with its purple-blue blooms, creating a stunning carpet of colour in your garden without overwhelming maintenance. During the first year we advise offering water regularly during dry periods, but once established they are fairly drought tolerant. Once established, Aubrieta is reliably waterwise and can handle the heat of a good Summer - even in a rock garden.

General Care

Caring for Aubrieta 'Kitte Blue' is straightforward yet will enhance its resilience in your garden. We advise a regular light trim of faded blooms to stimulate continuous flowering and maintain a neat appearance. Watch for potential pests, like aphids, and address them promptly to preserve the plant's health. Adequate spacing, around 12-18 inches, promotes good air circulation, reducing the risk of fungal issues. This perennial thrives in sunny locations with well-drained soil, creating an ideal setting for its vibrant purple-blue blossoms. With minimal fuss and thoughtful care, 'Kitte Blue' becomes a delightful addition, transforming your garden into a vibrant tapestry of early season colour. Every 2 or 3 years, divide the clump to easily propagate and multiply your Aubrieta.