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Arabis ‘Rose Delight’
(Rock Cress)


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Ground Cover
10cm x 50cm
Fully Hardy

We love ‘Rose Delight’ for its vivid pink flowers that provide early season colour. Arabis’ low-growing, mat-forming habit and easy-care style, make it a perfect in rock gardens or for use as an edging plant. Evergreen foliage ensures year-round interest for your garden too and is excellent for filling spaces at the front of your borders!

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Arabis 'Rose Delight,' commonly known as Rock Cress, is a hardy evergreen perennial celebrated for its versatility in garden designs. Its compact, mat-forming structure serves as an excellent ground cover, edging plant, and a valuable addition to Alpine or Rock gardens. The plant features dark green, toothed leaves arranged in rosettes, creating a visually appealing mat. In late Spring, 'Rose Delight' transforms with the emergence of clusters of fragrant, deep purple-pink flowers on upright stems, providing a striking contrast against the backdrop of its lush green foliage. This delightful flowering display extends from March to the end of May, flourishing in both sunny and partially sunny locations. Beyond its aesthetic charm, 'Rose Delight' stands out for its resilience and ease of care. Fully hardy, this perennial proves to be a reliable choice for all gardeners, particularly those with busy schedules. Particularly noteworthy is its suitability for filling spaces in the front of a border, offering a practical and visually pleasing solution to garden design problems. Embrace the evergreen appeal of Arabis 'Rose Delight' in your garden, where its low-maintenance nature, vibrant blooms, and adaptability create a hassle-free and textural interesting landscape, extending the charm well beyond the Spring season.

Planting Conditions

Create an early vivid display with Arabis 'Rose Delight' by adhering to precise planting conditions. Opt for well-drained soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH to support this perennial's flourishing growth. A sunny location is ideal, offering at least six hours of sunlight daily. Adequate spacing, around 12-18 inches, ensures proper air circulation and prevents overcrowding. Plant during early Spring for seamless establishment. 'Rose Delight' graces your garden with charming rosy blooms. Following these planting guidelines, characterised by the right soil composition and sunlight exposure, sets the stage for a vibrant showcase of Arabis' early floral display.

Watering & Feeding

Nurture the vibrancy of Arabis 'Rose Delight' with a thoughtful watering and feeding routine. Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry periods, ensuring hydration without waterlogging. This perennial appreciates a balanced approach, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Feeding is modest; a well-balanced, slow-release fertiliser in Spring provides ample nutrients for healthy growth without promoting excessive lushness. Moderation in feeding prevents overstimulation. With careful attention to watering and feeding, 'Rose Delight' will reward you with its charming rosy blooms, contributing to a flourishing garden without overwhelming maintenance.

General Care

Caring for Arabis 'Rose Delight' is uncomplicated. To foster its robust presence in your garden. Regularly remove spent blooms to encourage prolonged flowering and maintain a neat appearance. Monitor for potential pests, addressing them promptly to safeguard plant health. Adequate spacing, around 12-18 inches, promotes good air circulation and minimises the risk of fungal issues. This perennial thrives in sunny locations with well-drained soil, creating an ideal environment for its delicate rosy blossoms. With minimal fuss and thoughtful care, 'Rose Delight' becomes a charming addition to your garden, offering enduring evergreen foliage and early flowering vivid blooms in your outdoor space.