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Antirrhinum Sonnet Yellow


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Great for wildlife
June - October
45cm x 60cm
Cut Flowers
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Antirrhinum Sonnet Yellow, commonly known as Snapdragon, is a charming and radiant plant that brings a cheerful touch to any garden or floral arrangement. Its vibrant yellow flowers, reminiscent of rays of sunshine, brighten up the surroundings with their warm and inviting hue. The blossoms, shaped like miniature trumpets, cluster together along tall, sturdy stems, creating a striking visual display.

The Antirrhinum Sonnet Yellow is a resilient and versatile plant, capable of thriving in different climates and soil conditions. Its sunny disposition and charming appearance make it a popular choice among gardeners and flower enthusiasts, attracting not only human admirers but also pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.


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Antirrhinum Sonnet Yellow are a slightly earlier flowering Snapdragon that produces masses of architectural, upright flower spikes which are strong and sturdy. They grow wonderfully in mixed beds and borders, where they will provide breath-taking, vibrant colour throughout the summer months.  

Planting Conditions

Antirrhinums do well in full sunshine.

Watering & Feeding

They are fast growing plants so need to be watered and fed regularly, especially if planted in containers rather than in the ground.

General Care

Snip tired flower spikes off regularly to encourage more flowers