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Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry – 5 Large Plug Plants
(Flame Nettle)


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Great for wildlife
35cm x 40cm
Drought Tolerant
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Coleus are famous for their wonderful multi-coloured foliage rather than their flowers. Huge leaves of unique colour combinations set them apart from their counterparts. Ideal for borders, these plants inject some colour into the garden without ever needing to show flowers. Coleus look wonderful potted, and can work well in a mixed borders too.

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Coleus are one of the easiest summer plants to grow. Water well to establish, and once settled they are somewhat drought tolerant and grow in most soils. As the leaves are so brightly coloured the sun can scorch them, so it is best to grow in a shaded area. They will wilt if they get too dry, but once watered will pick back up again quickly. If flower spikes appear, remove them of the foliage will become scruffy.

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