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Zantedeschia Purple & Cream 2L
(Calla Lily)

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Great for wildlife
June - August
50cm x 50cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Cut Flowers
Tender Perennial
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Zantedeschia or Calla Lilies are hard to beat for head-turning glamour. With their elegantly vase-shaped flowers in colours from deepest purple to blazing orange, they’re a spectacular addition to the summer garden or conservatory.  This beautiful variety has large dark purple flowers with creamy edges, despite it’s exotic appearance it’s surprisingly easy to care for.  Plant with Dahlias and Gladiolus for an amazing display of cut flowers.

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Zantedeschia or Calla Lilies are not cold hardy so should be grown indoors at times of the year when the temperature is regularly below 10C.  In the UK it’s probably best to grow these in a container where they can be easily moved to suit the needs of the plant.  When growing indoors they prefer a position with lots of natural light, but not too much direct sunlight.  Make sure you keep them well watered during the summer, not allowing the soil to dry out, but they will not like being sat in water for prolonged periods.  During the summer they can be moved outside to a position that gets plenty of light, but is sheltered from wind and the midday sun.  Avoid planting in full shade, but they will tolerate partial shade.  During the flowering season feed every 3 – 4 weeks with a liquid fertiliser, something like a liquid tomato fertiliser is perfect.  Remove the leaves at soil level once they have died. If you’ve grown your Lily in a pot, you can simply move the pot inside once the temperature drops and then once it goes dormant (November) move it to a dark spot until the spring and do not water. In spring repot your Calla Lily into fresh compost.

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