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Chamaerops Humilis 24cm Pot (100-120cm)
(Mediterranean Fan Palm)

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Great for wildlife
April - July
250cm x 100cm
Partial Shade
Easy Care
Half Hardy
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Chamaerops Humilis, also known as the Mediterranean Fan Palm or the Dwarf Fan Palm, is a large exotic evergreen palm that can grow up to 2 and a half metres. It bears light green foliage in large fan-shaped leaves, and can sometimes produce small yellow flowers. This plant will look great in any garden with an exotic theme, and will create instant impact when placed.

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Chamaerops should be grown in moist, well-drained loam soil, and planted in a spot with partial shade. It's position should be well sheltered, and will need to be left some room to grow. It works well grown under glass or as a houseplant, as it will need to be kept warm, and can be fed with a balanced fertiliser once a month. Watering should be reduced during winter. Pruning is not needed for this plant, however protection from pests such as glasshouse red spider mite may be necessary if planted in a glasshouse.

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