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Citrus Mini Limequat Bush


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April - August
40 x 35 cm
Half Hardy

Meet our zesty ornamental mini Limequat Tree – a pint-sized burst of sunshine for your home and garden! But don’t be fooled by its size – this little tree packs a punch of flavour, delivering tangy, homegrown fruits which blend the best of limes and kumquats, making it a perfect gift and unique decorative plant.

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The Mini Limequat tree is a versatile plant, equally suited for indoor ornamental charm or outdoor patio decoration. Its adaptability makes it beginner-friendly; being compact (stands at around 40cm tall including pot), easy to transplant, and can be lightly pruned to shape. Glossy green leaves serve as a lush backdrop, and come spring, fragrant blossoms release a sweet, citrusy fragrance, elevating your senses and surroundings. This mini limequat tree is self-fertile and will naturally flower in spring, followed by a bounty of colourful fruit from October to April. The Eustis Limequat is a citrus fruit hybrid that is a cross between a Key lime (Citrus aurantiifolia) and a kumquat (Fortunella japonica) and was developed by Walter Tennyson Swingle in the 1900s, in Eustis, Florida. These little Eustis Limequats are real stars! They're a bit bigger and less seedy than their limequat cousins, and their taste is a delightful blend of sweetness with just a hint of tang - perfect for adding a twist to your drinks and seafood dishes. What's more, you can pop the whole fruit in your mouth – imagine the fun cocktails or unique garnishes you can create with these little wonders. And to top it off, they're packed with vitamin C - a healthy choice too! We will always pick the best plant on our nursery for you, however, please note that fruit on your citrus plant is not guaranteed, as this will be dependent on the time of year - with fruits being produced normally from beginning of autumn for most varieties. Plants ordered later in the season are more likely to drop their fruits in transit or may be despatched without fruit if they have finished producing. With correct feeding and care they will continue to fruit with the next cycle. As fruits ripen, they may also develop in colour. E.g. limes will show yellow or orange when they are ripe. The limes we know from supermarkets are picked immature to retain acidity and firmness and as such are green.

Planting Conditions

Plant your Citrus Mini Limequat Tree in well-drained, loamy soil with full sun exposure. Ensure protection from frost and cold winds.

Watering & Feeding

Water your Mini Limequat tree when the top inch of soil feels dry. Water freely in summer and mist leaves to increase humidity and discourage pests. During the growing season, feed with citrus plant fertilizer every 2 weeks. In the winter, reduce watering but do not let the plant dry out completely while indoors. Too much or too little water may cause the fruits to drop. Proper watering and feeding will help your Mini Limequat tree thrive in the UK.

General Care

During the UK's warmer months, you can position your citrus trees outdoors between May and September, providing it is well protected from frost and cold winds. Prune as needed to shape and remove dead branches. Move plants indoors from October to a bright, position away from cold draughts and radiators. Regularly inspect for pests or diseases, and provide well-draining soil. Proper care will keep it thriving and yielding delicious fruit.