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Citrus Mini Pursha Lime Bush
(Pursha Lime)

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April - August
35 x 40cm
Easy Care
Half Hardy

Behold the mini ornamental Persha Lime Bush – a petite powerhouse of Mediterranean magic and the perfect plant for anyone interested in vintage citrus cultivars!

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Transport yourself back to the 17th century, when this ancient fruit was officially certified. Believed to be a captivating blend of Rangpur lime and the exquisite Shikuwasa mandarin, this little cutie is low maintenance but delivers aromatic mini green limes with a unique heritage. The juice? A mesmerizing fusion of sweet and sour with a hint of Japanese mandarin. And here's the twist – as it ripens, its sharpness mellows and its hue turns goldens. Unlike its prickly lime cousins, this ornamental citrus bears no spines and maintains a more compact growth, making it the perfect compact companion. Pursha Limes are adored in Asia for flavouring drinks, food, or even a scoop of ice cream. Standing at about 40cm tall (including the pot), this is the quintessential mini ornamental citrus bush, with its glossy, deep green leaves and dainty, aromatic limes, adding an aesthetically pleasing and fragrant touch to your conservatory, patio, or balcony. Makes a perfect and unique gift with an edible twist too! We will always pick the best plant on our nursery for you, however, please note that fruit on your citrus plant is not guaranteed, as this will be dependent on the time of year - with fruits being produced normally from beginning of autumn for most varieties. Plants ordered later in the season are more likely to drop their fruits in transit or may be despatched without fruit if they have finished producing. With correct feeding and care they will continue to fruit with the next cycle. As fruits ripen, they may also develop in colour. E.g. limes will show yellow or orange when they are ripe. The limes we know from supermarkets are picked immature to retain acidity and firmness and as such are green.

Planting Conditions

Easy to grow in well-draining, slightly acidic soil and a sunny, south-facing spot. Happily grows indoors as a houseplant or outside on a sheltered patio or balcony during the warmer Summer months but is sensitive to colder temperatures. Give plenty of sunlight and a frost-free position.

Watering & Feeding

water regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. During the growing season (spring and summer), use a balanced citrus fertilizer every 4-6 weeks to nourish the plant. In autumn and winter, reduce watering and feeding to allow the bush to rest.

General Care

During the UK's warmer months, you can position your citrus trees outdoors between May and October, providing it is well protected from frost and cold winds. Prune as needed to shape and remove dead branches. Move plants indoors from October to a bright, position away from cold draughts and radiators. Regularly inspect for pests or diseases, and provide well-draining soil. Proper care will keep it thriving and yielding delicious fruit.