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Citrus Mini Red Lime Tree
(Red Lime)


April - August
45 x 55 cm
Easy Care
Half Hardy

Rangpur Lime, our exotic guest from India, known as the King of fragrance, invites you to experience the zesty delight of home-grown limes with our ornamental Mini Red Lime Tree. Delight in his purple blossoms, intoxicating springtime fragrance and unusual tasting lime fruits which turn orange when mature in the autumn.

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The Citrus Mini Red Lime Tree will bring a bring a burst of Mediterranean zest to your space. This charming ornamental citrus tree, with its graceful stem, hails all the way from India as the 'King of Fragrance' or Gandraj. A true scent-sation, flaunting purple buds that open up to reveal an intense, intoxicating perfume, making every spring day a fragrant delight. Striking green leaves and petite stature, this little chap is not just a feast for the senses; but also a versatile companion for your home or garden. Standing around 55cm tall (including the pot), his vibrant charm will add a slice of citrus paradise to your surroundings, whether you choose to nurture him in a pot on the patio, balcony, or conservatory. As he matures, the mini red lime tree will flourish with vibrant edible limes that turn orange coloured in the Autumn. These unique little treasures have a smoky mandarin flavour with the tartness of lime and are perfect for elevating your culinary creations. More than just a tree, this little fellow will help you experience the joy of growing your own citrus to add a refreshing twist to your water, tea or and maybe even your G & T! We will always pick the best plant on our nursery for you, however, please note that fruit on your citrus plant is not guaranteed, as this will be dependent on the time of year - with fruits being produced normally from beginning of autumn for most varieties. Plants ordered later in the season are more likely to drop their fruits in transit or may be despatched without fruit if they have finished producing. With correct feeding and care they will continue to fruit with the next cycle. As fruits ripen, they may also develop in colour. E.g. limes will show yellow or orange when they are ripe. The limes we know from supermarkets are picked immature to retain acidity and firmness and as such are green.

Planting Conditions

Plant your mini red lime tree in well-draining soil with ample sunlight exposure. Ensure positioning is in a frost-free location, ideally in a conservatory or heated greenhouse, given their sensitivity to colder temperatures.

Watering & Feeding

Water regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. During the growing season, this mini Red Lime Tree can benefit by being fed a balanced citrus fertilizer every 4-6 weeks to support healthy growth and fruit production in the UK climate.

General Care

Prune your Mini Red Lime Tree tree to maintain shape and remove any dead or damaged growth. Keep an eye out for pests and address them promptly. Regularly inspect and support branches to prevent breakage.