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Wreath – Red Tartan
(Hand Made 12")


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Celebrate the season with a wreath that exudes timeless elegance. Lush and long-lasting, evergreen Noble Fir, classically dressed with hand-tied tartan bow to add a touch of classic charm, beautifully complemented by vibrant berries that pop against a backdrop of rich, magnolia leaves. Spruce cones, nature’s ornaments, complete the ensemble. Let the citrusy- pine fragrance permeate the air and welcome all who cross the threshold. MADE FRESH AND DESPATCHED W/C 27th NOV

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Spruce cones, Faux berries, Faux magnolia leaves


High quality Noble Fir, carefully arranged and wearing a tasteful fusion of timeless elegance and natural allure. Classically finished with a hand-tied tartan bow and natural spruce cones to add a touch of rustic refinement, our Red Tartan Wreath is infused with modern flair, faux magnolia leaves intertwine seamlessly, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style. Add pin wire fairy lights for a sparkle in perfect seasonal harmony. This beautiful 12" wreath is made on a sturdy wire frame based filled with fresh evergreen Noble Fir and dressed with natural spruce cones, faux magnolia leaves and glistening frosted berries - elements carefully curated for a classic ensemble. Gorgeously finished with our hand-tied taffeta, tartan ribbon for an elegant traditional feel. We have been expertly creating beautiful, full and fluffy wreaths, working with high quality Noble Fir, since 2006 - the foliage sourced from our plantation in Northern Scotland and hand-crafted at our nursery site in Herefordshire. Our dedicated team of wreath makers carefully trim the soft outer branches from the main stem, skill-fully gathering bundles of foliage perfectly sized for our 12-inch wreath ring. The foliage is attached in a herringbone formation guaranteeing a lush and secure wreath that gracefully retains its decoration. The foliage offcuts and branches are then chipped and composted before going back onto the local farmland as a mulch, so please hang your wreath with pride! Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from us to you!

Planting Conditions

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Watering & Feeding

An occasional misting with a spray bottle of water every 1-2 days will help to preserve your wreath and prevent it from drying out.

General Care

Ensure wreath is kept in cool conditions and not exposed to heat or a windy position, where it will dry out.