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Dryopteris ‘Cristata The King’
(Crested Wood Fern)


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January - December
90cm x 90cm
Partial Shade, Shade
Easy Care
Fully Hardy

Dryopteris ‘Cristata The King’ is a majestic fern our team loves for its lush, feathery fronds and unique crested tips. Perfect for shaded borders and woodland gardens, this hardy fern adds textural interest to your garden. Its low-maintenance nature and year-round foliage make it a favourite. Pair it with Hostas and Heucheras for a beautiful, layered garden display that thrives in shade.

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Behold the regal Dryopteris Cristata, known as "The King" in the world of ferns. Native to North America, this majestic fern is a symbol of elegance and resilience, reigning supreme in any garden design. With arching lance-shaped pinnate fronds, are finely divided and unfurl like the pages of an ancient manuscript. "The King" reaches towering majestic heights. Its lush, deep green fronds are a visual delight, creating a standstill display reminiscent of royal occasions. This fern's adaptability is truly kingly; it thrives in diverse settings, from woodlands to shaded gardens and used as under-planting or ground cover. It remains unfazed by temperature fluctuations, standing strong against the elements. It's a ruler that knows how to endure year after year. Caring for "The King" is as easy as it gets. Offering the correct components key to its contentment. This fern is a low-maintenance monarch, requiring minimal attention to display its regal charisma. Additionally, Dryopteris Cristata "The King" reigns as deer-resistant royalty, safeguarding your garden's beauty from unwanted nibbles. Embrace the grandeur of your garden with this fern's captivating fronds and unwavering resilience. "The King" is a true gift to behold in any garden. Long live the king!

Planting Conditions

The Dryopteris Cristata The King, or Crested Wood Fern, is a versatile addition to your garden. Plant it in well-drained soil and find a spot that receives partial to full shade, and watch it thrive. This fern can tolerate a range of conditions, from rocky slopes to woodlands, adapting effortlessly. It's resilient in the face of temperature fluctuations and can endure drought, making it a reliable choice. Its low-maintenance nature extends to its hardiness, ensuring your garden remains enchanting with minimal effort. Plus, the Crested Wood Fern is deer-resistant, preserving its charm without the worry of unwanted nibbling. Transform your landscape with this natural gem.

Watering & Feeding

The Dryopteris Cristata The King, or Crested Wood Fern, is an undemanding companion in your garden. It thrives with minimal care, needing consistently moist soil but not saturated. Watering when the soil starts to dry is usually sufficient. As for feeding, occasional fertilisation in the growing season can enhance its lushness, but it's not a necessity. This fern's adaptability shines once more, as it's content with the nutrients available in your garden. Its easygoing nature, coupled with low maintenance, ensures that the Dryopteris Cristata The King remains a delightful and stress-free addition to your outdoor space.

General Care

The Dryopteris Cristata The King, also known as the Crested Wood Fern, is a low-maintenance plant that brings natural beauty to your garden. It thrives in shaded environments, from partial sun to full shade, making it highly adaptable. While it prefers consistently moist soil, it's essential not to over-water; allow the soil to partially dry between watering. This fern doesn't demand frequent feeding and can generally thrive on the nutrients present in your garden. With its robust nature, the Dryopteris is an excellent choice for those seeking a visually appealing, hassle-free addition to their outdoor space. Just a little care goes a long way in preserving its beauty.