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Athyrium Filix Femina
(Lady Fern)


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January - December
60cm x 90cm
Partial Shade, Shade
Foliage Colour
Fully Hardy
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Meet the Elegant lady of the forest! With her delicate fronds and graceful demeanour, she is Queen of ferns, bringing a touch of natural beauty to every shady corner of your garden.

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Athyrium Filix-Femina, or Lady Fern, is a deciduous fern with vibrant, medium to dark green foliage, forming feathery fronds reminiscent of lace. One of the Lady Fern's standout qualities is her ability to thrive in shaded or partially shaded locations - think dappled sunlight on forest floor. A perennial fern that grows in clumps and typically reaches a height of 24 to 35 inches (40 to 90cm), gradually spreading over time to form a graceful, arched contour, lending structure to the garden. The Lady Fern's growth pattern is characterized by new vibrant green fronds unfurling in the spring and reaching their full size during the summer months, providing lush texture and visual interest to the garden into early Autumn. Great for filling spaces in between shrubs or under trees, this Lady works well in woodland style gardens or shaded areas and makes a lovely addition to a Japanese style or rock garden - giving a natural, wildlife feel. Low maintenance and generally pest resistant, she plays a valuable ecological role in providing habitat for various wildlife species, making her a popular choice for bog, pond and water gardens.

Planting Conditions

Will thrive in a shady or partially shaded, sheltered position, therefore best positioned in flower beds with shade or underplanted between shrubs or roses. Happiest in moist, fertile soil enriched with leaf compost.

Watering & Feeding

Easy to grow in moist, fertile, neutral to acid soil enriched with garden or leaf compost - mimicking forest floor conditions.

General Care

Athyrium ferns require little maintenance and are generally resistant to pests and diseases. Monitor for slugs and snails, from time to time. Dead leaves and crispy fronds can be removed to maintain a tidy appearance. Propagate by sowing spores or by division in Spring.