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Phyllitis Angustifolia
(Narrow Buckler Fern)


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February - October
100cm x 60cm
Partial Shade, Shade
Easy Care
Fully Hardy

This is our Phyllitis Angustifolia, aka the “Narrow Buckler Fern,” a fern so skinny, it’s practically an Eco-friendly supermodel! It’s your garden’s own runway sensation, turning heads with its slender charm.

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Our Phyllitis Angustifolia, also known as the "Narrow Buckler Fern," is a plant that's all about adding impact and charm to your garden without the fuss. This unique fern, known for its slender, lance-shaped leathery fronds, is a natural structural beauty that thrives in a variety of garden settings. It's upright glossy habit helps provide some height and structure within your garden design without adding to your maintenance. The "Narrow Buckler Fern" boasts fronds that are strikingly slender and resemble the form of a buckler, or small shield, adding a remarkably rich dark green and vivid focal point, in your garden for many months at a time. The fronds reach impactful heights, creating an interesting display in Woodland Gardens, Urban Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens, Ponds, Formal Gardens, Water Gardens as well as in dappled corners of the garden, in beds and borders or in pots and containers. One of the standout features of this fern is its adaptability as it thrives in various settings. With its elegant upright fronds and low-maintenance nature, the "Narrow Buckler Fern" transforms your garden into an award-worthy garden space with vivacious charm yet natural beauty. It adds a touch of sophistication with minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy a garden that's as stylish as it is care-free.  

Planting Conditions

Planting the "Narrow Buckler Fern," or Phyllitis Angustifolia, is simple. Choose a location with well-drained soil and provide partial to full shade to emulate its preferred woodland habitat. This versatile fern thrives in various environments, from moist woodlands to shaded gardens, thanks to its slender yet hardy abilities. Create the ideal stage for this garden sensation by replicating its natural setting with dappled sunlight. Let your garden become a fashion-forward space with the "Narrow Buckler Fern" and enjoy the added textural interest of its slender fronds, without the fuss of high-maintenance gardening. It's your garden's own Eco-friendly supermodel!

Watering & Feeding

Caring for the "Narrow Buckler Fern," Phyllitis Angustifolia, is delightfully low-maintenance. Keep the soil consistently moist to echo its woodland preferences, but please be mindful of avoiding waterlogged conditions. This fern usually doesn't require frequent feeding, as it thrives on the nutrients available in your own garden soil. A modest application of balanced, slow-release fertiliser during the growing season can provide a little boost and keep your fern flourishing year after year.

General Care

Caring for Phyllitis Angustifolia, the "Narrow Buckler Fern," is a breeze. Plant it in well-drained soil with partial to full shade, mimicking its woodland habitat. Ensure the soil stays consistently moist, avoiding waterlogged conditions. This fern is naturally disease and pest-resistant, sparing you from vigilant pest control duties. To keep it tidy, simply trim any dead or yellowing fronds in late Winter or early Spring before the new growth emerges. This encourages fresh, vibrant foliage. Its low-maintenance nature ensures a stylish and hassle-free garden addition.