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Polystichum Makinoi
(Makino's Holly Fern)


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January - December
100cm x 100cm
Partial Shade, Shade
Easy Care
Fully Hardy
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Polystichum Makinoi, a.k.a. ‘Makino’s Holly Fern’ – it’s the plant equivalent of a holly jolly good time. This fern’s fronds are all the rage in your garden!

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Polystichum Makinoi, better known as 'Makino's Holly Fern,' is a botanical sensation that's about to light up your garden with its frilly foliage. This remarkable evergreen fern has arching, triangular, glossy, deep green distinctive fronds, which are sure to steal your gaze in any garden. The 'Makino's Holly Fern' boasts a captivating appearance with fronds that are more than just foliage – they're works of art. These fronds, which can grow to a mature height of up to 100cm, resemble holly leaves, complete with their serrated edges. They add a touch of textural interest and a unique character to your outdoor space. One of the outstanding features of this fern is its adaptability. It thrives in various settings, from woodland gardens to shaded nooks, offering you versatility and charm that's second to none. We highly recommend 'Makino's Holly Fern' to provide excellent ground cover in flower borders and beds and suits a range of garden design aesthetics such as; City Garden designs, Courtyard Garden designs, Cottage Gardens along with Informal Gardens. Caring for the 'Makino's Holly Fern' is as easy as a walk in the garden for both established gardens looking to elevate their design plans or indeed the novice gardener wanting to add luxurious interest in their shaded garden spaces.

Planting Conditions

Planting Polystichum Makinoi, the 'Makino's Holly Fern,' is a breeze. Choose well-drained soil and provide partial to full shade, replicating its woodland preference. This adaptable fern fits effortlessly into various garden settings, from woodland gardens to shaded corners, offering versatility and charm. By emulating these conditions, you create an inviting home for this unique and whimsical fern. Plant it at a depth that aligns with the existing soil level in the container and space them about 18 to 24 inches (45-60 cm) apart to allow for optimal growth. These planting conditions set the stage for the 'Makino's Holly Fern' to flourish year after year.

Watering & Feeding

Caring for Polystichum Makinoi, the 'Makino's Holly Fern,' involves maintaining even moisture levels by regularly watering to mimic its woodland habitat. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, especially during dry spells. When it comes to feeding, this fern typically draws nutrients from the garden soil and doesn't require frequent fertilisation. However, a balanced, slow-release fertiliser application during the growing season can provide an extra boost for optimal growth. With its low-maintenance nature, the 'Makino's Holly Fern' makes it easy to manage watering and feeding while it adds its glossy green foliage and interest to your garden with minimal effort.

General Care

General care for Polystichum Makinoi, the 'Makino's Holly Fern,' involves regular monitoring for potential pests like slugs, which can affect ferns. Pruning damaged fronds during late Winter or early Spring maintains its tidy and attractive appearance while preventing potential issues. This low-maintenance fern is naturally resilient to many diseases, contributing to its ease of care. Plant it in well-drained soil with partial to full shade, replicating its woodland habitat preference.