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Citrus Lemon Tree 45-55cm


March - November
55 x 60 cm
Half Hardy

Gift wrapped or ‘au naturel’, this Lemon Tree makes the perfect present for yourself or others, flowers, fruit and evergreen foliage – providing an all year round show! Fragrant blossom is usually produced in Spring, followed by small green fruits which can take 12 months to ripen. In the UK fruiting and flowering times can be more sporadic, so it is not unusual to have fruit and flowers at the same time. An ornamental tree with the benefit of edible fruits, given the right conditions. Despatched with fruits on branches.

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Citrus Trees will thrive in most UK gardens given a warm sunny position. In the UK they are probably best grown in a large pot or other suitable container as this will allow them to be moved as conditions dictate. Can be outside on a patio over summer but during all other seasons, moved to a warmer, frost-free location with good light levels. Citrus Trees will not tolerate wet conditions and waterlogging for any length of time. Waterlogging will usually result in the loss of the plant. For this reason, they should be grown in very free-draining soil or compost. Citrus are hungry plants and need regular feeding. Use high nitrogen Citrus summer feed from late March to October. In winter switch to winter feed that is specific to Citrus. This Lemon Tree stands approximately 45-55cm, including the pot and will be supplied with fruit on its branches. Under optimum conditions fruit will continue to be produced. We will always pick the best plant on our nursery for you, however, please note that fruit on your citrus plant is not guaranteed, as this will be dependent on the time of year - with fruits being produced normally from beginning of autumn for most varieties. Plants ordered later in the season are more likely to drop their fruits in transit or may be despatched without fruit if they have finished producing. With correct feeding and care they will continue to fruit with the next cycle.

Planting Conditions

Lemon trees need a warm, sunny location. In the UK, it's often advantageous to cultivate them in a spacious pot or suitable container, allowing for flexibility to relocate them as needed. During the summer, they can be placed outdoors on a patio, but for the rest of the year, it's essential to transfer them to a warmer, frost-free environment with ample light.

Watering & Feeding

Citrus are hungry plants and need regular feeding., using a high nitrogen Citrus summer feed from late March to October. In winter switch to winter feed that is specific to Citrus. It's crucial to note that Citrus trees are highly sensitive to waterlogged conditions, which can lead to their demise, making it essential to cultivate them in exceptionally well-draining soil or compost.

General Care

Lemon Trees are generally easy care - even in the UK. Ensure it receives sufficient natural light, ideally in a bright, south-facing spot. Regularly inspect the tree for pests and diseases, taking prompt action if any issues arise. Pruning an ornamental lemon tree is generally not necessary for its growth or health, however, light pruning can be done to control the tree's shape and size to fit its space.