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Panicum ‘Nosferatu’
(Switch Grass)

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July - August
100cm x 100cm
Easy Care
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Panicum ‘Nosferatu’ is a striking ornamental grass that adds drama with its deep purple-black foliage and airy brown flowers. We love seeing it planted in mixed borders and urban contemporary garden designs, where its bold colour contrasts beautifully with lighter perennials. Its upright habit and vibrant hues make it a wonderful feature in any landscape, providing movement and texture throughout the growing season.

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Panicum 'Nosferatu' is a popular ornamental grass that stands out in any garden setting. Known for its deep purple to burgundy foliage, this hardy perennial brings a dramatic touch to the landscape. Growing to about 50-100 cm in height, 'Nosferatu' forms a striking, upright clump that adds vertical interest and movement to garden your design. One of the reasons Panicum 'Nosferatu' is so popular is its versatile nature and ease of care. It thrives in full sun but can also tolerate partial shade, making it suitable for various garden conditions. Additionally, this grass is drought-tolerant once established, requiring minimal maintenance, which makes it an excellent choice for busy gardeners or those seeking low-maintenance plants. 'Nosferatu' looks stunning when planted in mixed borders, prairie-style gardens, or as a specimen plant in urban contemporary landscapes. It pairs beautifully with perennials such as Echinacea, Rudbeckia, and Sedum, enhancing the garden's overall visual appeal. Our horticultural team selected Panicum 'Nosferatu' for its robust performance and the bold colour it brings throughout the growing season. The elegant, airy seed heads add an extra dimension, creating a beautiful display from late Summer into the Autumn months.

Planting Conditions

For Panicum, we recommend planting in full sun to partial shade to promote robust growth. These grasses thrive in well-drained, moderately fertile soil. Ideal planting time is in Spring or early Summer when the soil is warm. Ideally, we space the plants about 60 cm apart to allow room for their spread. Panicum is tolerant of a range of soil types, including sandy and clay soils, but avoid waterlogged areas. Adding compost to the planting site can improve soil fertility and structure, supporting healthier growth.

Watering & Feeding

Water Panicum regularly during its first growing season to establish a strong root system. Once established, it becomes drought-tolerant, requiring watering only during prolonged dry periods. Ensure the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. Feed the grass in early Spring with a balanced, slow-release fertiliser to promote healthy growth. Avoid over-fertilising, as this can lead to weak, floppy stems. Applying a layer of mulch can help retain soil moisture and suppress weeds, contributing to the overall health of the plant.

General Care

Panicum requires minimal pruning, but removing dead or damaged foliage in late Winter or early Spring will promote a burst of fresh growth. Cut back the previous year's stems to ground level before new shoots emerge. Deadheading is unnecessary as Panicum’s seed heads add Winter interest. This grass is generally disease and pest resistant, but occasional issues may include rust or leaf spot, which can be mitigated by ensuring good air circulation and avoiding overhead watering. Regular maintenance and proper care ensure a healthy, vigorous plant throughout the growing season.