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Ophiopogon ‘Nigrescens’
(Mondo Grass 'Kokuryū')

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September - October
50cm x 50cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Easy Care

Ophiopogon ‘Nigrescens’, also known as Mondo Grass, is a striking evergreen perennial admired for its unique, jet-black foliage. This low-growing plant reaches up to 50 cm in height, forming dense clumps that add dramatic contrast to garden borders and rockeries. It’s especially effective when paired with lighter-coloured plants like Hostas or Ferns. ‘Nigrescens’ produces small, bell-shaped, pale lavender flowers in Summer, followed by glossy black berries. Thriving in well-drained soil and partial shade, it’s easy to care for and provides year-round interest, making it a favourite among our nursery staff.

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Ophiopogon 'Nigrescens', commonly known as Black Mondo Grass, is a striking evergreen perennial that stands out in any garden setting. Its unique, almost black, grass-like foliage creates a dramatic contrast with other plants, adding depth and visual interest to any garden design. Growing to a compact height of about 50 cm, 'Nigrescens' forms dense clumps that spread slowly, making it an excellent ground cover. In Summer, it produces small, bell-shaped, pale lavender flowers that are subtly attractive. These are followed by glossy, black berries in Autumn months, adding further seasonal interest. Our nursery loves 'Nigrescens' for its versatility and easy care. It thrives in both full sun and partial shade and prefers well-drained soil. Its dark foliage pairs beautifully with lighter-coloured plants, making it perfect for edging paths, borders, or used as an underplanting for taller perennials, Roses and shrubs. 'Ophiopogon 'Nigrescens' is also a great choice for contemporary garden designs, where its unique colour and texture can create a bold statement. Its resilience and low maintenance make it a favourite among gardeners looking to add a touch of drama and contrast to their garden spaces.

Planting Conditions

Ophiopogon, also known as Mondo Grass, thrives in partial to full shade, making it ideal for shaded garden areas. It prefers moist, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. To plant, dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball, place the plant at the same depth as it was in the pot, and backfill with soil. Space plants about 20-30 cm apart for ground cover. Mulching helps retain moisture and suppress weeds. Ophiopogon is versatile and can also be used in borders, rock gardens, or as edging.

Watering & Feeding

Ophiopogon, or Mondo Grass, requires regular watering, especially during dry periods and the first growing season to establish a strong root system. Water deeply to encourage deep roots but allow the soil to dry slightly between watering sessions. Once established, it is relatively drought-tolerant. We recommend you fertilise in Spring with a balanced slow-release fertiliser to promote healthy growth. Avoid over-fertilising, as this can lead to excessive leaf growth at the expense of flowers. A layer of mulch helps retain moisture and provides nutrients as it decomposes.

General Care

Ophiopogon 'Nigrescens', is low-maintenance and rarely requires pruning. Trim any damaged or dead leaves in early Spring to keep the plant looking tidy. If the plant becomes too dense, divide it every few years to promote healthy growth. Ophiopogon is generally pest and disease-resistant, making it an excellent choice for low-maintenance gardens. Occasionally, slugs or snails may target the leaves, but these can be controlled with organic or chemical treatments. Overall, it is a resilient plant with minimal issues.