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Achillea ‘New Vintage White’


Item release date 20 June 2024.
Great for wildlife
May - September
50cm x 30cm
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

On our nursery, we love Achillea ‘New Vintage White’ for its easy care and stunning clusters of white blooms that create a landing pad for pollinators. Ideal for cut flowers, this versatile perennial looks great in borders or containers. Its long-lasting flowers and low-maintenance nature make it a favourite, ensuring a beautiful and lively garden from Spring to Summer.

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Behold the breath-taking beauty of Achillea 'New Vintage White'! This celestial wonder is a garden masterpiece that will transport you to a realm of pure enchantment. With its delicate clusters of snow-white flowers that resemble fluffy clouds, 'New Vintage White' exudes an air of ethereal elegance. Like celestial bodies in your garden, these blooms gracefully dance atop slender stems, illuminating your landscape with their radiant presence. But don't be fooled by its delicate appearance—Achillea 'New Vintage White' is a resilient warrior. It thrives in various conditions, from scorching Summers to dry and poor soils. Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, this perennial requires minimal effort to offer vibrancy in your garden. Imagine a sea of white blossoms gently swaying in the breeze, attracting a symphony of butterflies and buzzing bees. Achillea 'New Vintage White' becomes a landing pad for activity. Ideal for mixed beds, or containers, Achillea 'New Vintage White' adds a touch of timeless elegance to your garden setting. Its compact and bushy habit creates a stunning visual display and blends seamlessly with a range of garden styles, from traditional to modern.

Planting Conditions

When planting Achillea New Vintage White, space the plants about 30 cm apart to give them enough room to grow and avoid overcrowding. Be sure to plant them at the same depth as they were in their previous pot or container, and water them thoroughly after planting. If you are planting in a container, ensure that the pot has good drainage and use a high-quality potting mix to ensure proper drainage and water retention. You can add a slow-release fertiliser to the soil to help your plants grow healthy and strong. It's important to remember that Achillea New Vintage White is drought-tolerant, so be careful not to overwater them. Overall, Achillea New Vintage White is a low-maintenance plant that is perfect for borders, rock gardens, and containers. With the right planting conditions and care, it will reward you with stunning clusters of perfectly white flowers that bloom throughout the Summer.

Watering & Feeding

Achillea New Vintage White, like most plants, requires regular watering and feeding to thrive. This perennial plant is tolerant of drought and can survive in poor soil conditions, but regular watering will help it to grow and produce vibrant flowers. When watering Achillea New Vintage White, it's important to avoid over watering, which can lead to root rot. The plant prefers well-draining soil, so water deeply and less frequently rather than shallowly and frequently. Aim to keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged. As for feeding, Achillea New Vintage White benefits from a balanced fertiliser in the Spring, as well as occasional feedings throughout the growing season. Organic fertilisers, such as compost or well-rotted manure, can be added to the soil around the plant. Alternatively, a general-purpose fertiliser can be applied following the manufacturer's instructions. By providing Achillea New Vintage White with consistent watering and feeding, you can help it to produce more flowers and maintain its health and vigour year after year.

General Care

Achillea New Vintage White is a hardy perennial plant that requires minimal care, making it a great choice for beginner gardeners. However, some basic care is still required to keep the plant healthy and thriving. First, Achillea New Vintage White prefers full sun and well-draining soil. It can tolerate some shade, but may not produce as many flowers. The plant is drought-tolerant once established, but regular watering is still needed during periods of prolonged dryness. To promote healthy growth and flowering, it's a good idea to deadhead spent blooms regularly. This will encourage the plant to produce new blooms and prevent it from going to seed. In terms of pruning, Achillea New Vintage White does not require much attention. Simply cut back the stems in the Autumn or early Spring to encourage new growth. Finally, it's important to keep an eye out for pests and diseases. Aphids and powdery mildew can be problematic, but can often be controlled with organic remedies such as neem oil or a solution of water and dish soap. Overall, with minimal care and attention, Achillea New Vintage White can be a beautiful addition to any garden.