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Actaea Sim Chocoholic


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September - October
50cm x 150cm
Partial Shade
Foliage Colour
Fully Hardy
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Get ready to indulge your garden with Actaea Chocoholic, the plant that understands your sweet tooth! With rich, dark foliage resembling chocolatey goodness, it’s the guilt-free treat your garden craves.


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This Actaea Sim Chocoholic is a truly unique and striking perennial, treated right, this brunette will wow you with elegance! Actaea likes a little shelter but in the right position, its unique brunette foliage will indulge you with long bottle brush scented white flowers. Its flowers lean towards the light so its curvy shape is a structural treat in the garden! White flowers are tinted pink in bud so interest changes in this plants as it matures through the year. Known for its way with the wildlife, this striking brunette attracts the birds and bees along with other pollinators too. Unfortunately, this brunette is not fit for human consumption though so please do admire it from afar. Actaea Sim Chocoholic makes a striking appearance in a range of gardens; Mediterranean Gardens, mixed Border Gardens, informal Cottage Gardens and Sensory Gardens too! This Actaea looks absolutely fantastic planted in a formal or converted space on mass, we picture it looking at its best sheltered against an old brick wall for an impactful contrast. A low maintenance perennial that is frequently used for its interesting foliage is a delight in any space, Actaea Sim Chocoholic is relatively pest free. We think it looks beautiful paired with a border of Heucheras too so why not indulge?!

Planting Conditions

Actaea Sim Chocoholic love the Summer sun and partial shade, preferably partially shaded. To help it thrive; drainage is key! So; provide rich, fertile soils; provided they are moist, but especially well-drained. Adding sand or grit to your soil will help the conditions along for this gorgeous little perennial. It may benefit from staking, if your soil isn’t draining as well or if rainfall has been significant.

Watering & Feeding

Actaea like a little water, but not too much! Leaves lighten if too sunny and scorch if too dry. Watering well in dry weather is a must! The best way to fertilise your Actaea is to mulch annually in Springtime with a generous layer of well-rotted manure or garden compost of around 2-3 inches and to grow in moderately light, fertile soil which is well drained.

General Care

We advise cutting back faded flowers once faded to keep nutrients in the plant for further maturity and we advise sheltering your Actaea from too many weather extremes. Actaea Sim Chocoholic is generally pest and disease free.