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Agapanthus Poppin Purple
(African Lily)

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£20.00 £16.00

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June - August
60cm x 50cm
Cut Flowers
Half Hardy

An Agapanthus with a twist? ‘Poppin Purple’ breaks away from traditional blues with its stunning light purple hue. This unique variety adds a refreshing pop of colour to any garden. We pair it with companions like Echinacea or Rudbeckia for a vibrant display of contrasting colours and textures. With its striking appearance and resilience, ‘Poppin Purple’ is sure to be a standout feature in any garden setting.

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Agapanthus 'Poppin Purple' stands out in our range for its captivating light purple hue, a rarity among Agapanthus varieties. Unlike the typical dark blueish-purple counterparts, 'Poppin Purple' boasts a brighter and more distinctive tone, adding a unique charm to any garden landscape. Its large blooming flower heads sit atop tall stems, emerging from a neat mound of evergreen foliage and adorned with long, slender, strap-shaped leaves. With foliage spreading up to approximately 45cm and a height reaching up to 60cm, 'Poppin Purple' strikes the perfect balance between compactness and visibility, making it an ideal choice for both pots and garden beds. From mid-summer to early autumn, this variety showcases its stunning flower colour, with blooms typically gracing the garden from July to September. Even after the flowering season ends, 'Poppin Purple' continues to captivate with its attractive seed heads, adding visual interest to the garden. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Agapanthus variety plays a vital role in attracting wildlife, particularly bees, which are drawn to its trumpet-shaped blooms. Chosen by our horticultural team for its versatility and because it is an eye-catching addition to any garden. 'Poppin Purple' embodies the essence of beauty and biodiversity, making it a prized selection in our range for gardeners seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces with colour, charm, and ecological value.  

Planting Conditions

Agapanthus should be planted in moist but well drained soil, particularly those composed of sand, clay, loam or chalk. They aren't fussy about the pH of the soil, however they will need to be planted in a spot that's sheltered and has plenty of access to sunlight. They will grow particularly well potted, as if their roots are constricted they will flower more, though they can work well in a bed or border provided your soil doesn't tend to get waterlogged.

Watering & Feeding

Agapanthus don't need as much water as other perennials, so the soil around them will need to be freely draining to ensure they don't stay too wet. They should be watered once or twice a week, though if you're looking for a good way to tell exactly when, just check the top inch of soil and water them if it's dry. The best time to fertilise them is in Spring and Summer with a 1-2-1 or balanced ratio fertiliser, as this will ensure they perform well.

General Care

Agapanthus are low maintenance plants overall which makes them perfect for newer gardeners. They won't survive through a cold Winter outside and so will need protecting in a greenhouse throughout the months where frost is a risk. When you come to plant your Agapanthus, dig a hole twice the size of the pot, place the plant in and fill in the rest with compost. A roughly 3 inch layer of mulch should then be applied around the base of the plant, and then watered until the soil is saturated to make sure that the plant will establish in its new location well.