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Agapanthus ‘Silver Baby’
(African Lily)


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£20.00 £16.00
July - September
60cm x 50cm
Award Winner
Half Hardy

Agapanthus ‘Silver Baby’ adds a touch of delicacy to gardens with its charming white flowers edged in baby blue, maintaining its easy-care nature through the Summer and into early Autumn. Our team selected ‘Silver Baby’ for its ethereal beauty, perfect for borders or containers. We advise pairing it with companions like Echinacea or Coreopsis for enhanced visual interest and texture.

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This compact dwarf variety stands at a modest 60cm tall, forming a dense mound of foliage spreading up to 50cm wide. Ideal for potting, its cascading habit beautifully spills over container edges, adding a touch of Winter charm wherever placed. Our horticulture team have selected Agapanthus 'Silver Baby' for it's refreshing blooms that arrive in late Summer to early Autumn. The flowers of 'Silver Baby' are a sight to behold, with funnel-shaped blooms that boast bright white petals tipped with light blue, evoking a crisp, wintry ambiance. Beyond its stunning appearance, this unique Agapanthus variety is drought-tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases, requiring minimal maintenance for maximum impact. Notably attractive to bees and other pollinators, 'Silver Baby' contributes to a thriving garden ecosystem. Moreover, its seed heads remain visually appealing throughout Winter, eliminating the need for pruning post-flowering. Selected for its exceptional beauty, compact size, and minimal maintenance requirements, 'Silver Baby' is a valuable addition to our range. It embodies our commitment to offering gardeners unique, low-maintenance perennials that bring both aesthetic appeal and ecological benefits to their outdoor spaces.

Planting Conditions

Agapanthus should be planted in moist but well drained soil, particularly those composed of sand, clay, loam or chalk. They aren't fussy about the pH of the soil, however they will need to be planted in a spot that's sheltered and has plenty of access to sunlight. They will grow particularly well potted, as if their roots are constricted they will flower more, though they can work well in a bed or border provided your soil doesn't tend to get waterlogged.

Watering & Feeding

Agapanthus don't need as much water as other perennials, so the soil around them will need to be freely draining to ensure they don't stay too wet. They should be watered once or twice a week, though if you're looking for a good way to tell exactly when, just check the top inch of soil and water them if it's dry. The best time to fertilise them is in Spring and Summer with a 1-2-1 or balanced ratio fertiliser, as this will ensure they perform well.

General Care

Agapanthus are low maintenance compared with other plants in the garden due to their low watering requirements and lack of pests and disease. While they are perennials, they may need protection over cold winters in a greenhouse to ensure they'll come back in the next year. When planting, a hole should be dug twice the size of the pot they are delivered in, then filled in around the plant with compost. A layer of mulch, about 3 inches thick, around the base of the plant will ensure that it establishes well.