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Agapanthus Stardust
(African Lily)


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July - September
60cm x 60cm
Cut Flowers
Half Hardy

Agapanthus Stardust has universal appeal – whether it’s potted on the patio or planted in a bed or border, this variety is sure to give your garden a galactic spin.

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Agapanthus Stardust is a fantastic variety that combines compact height with stunning colour late in the season, making it a great choice for gardens everywhere. This variety bears light blue flowers that are darker at the bud, opening into funnel-shaped blooms that will last through late Summer to early Autumn. These blooms are held by the dozens on large flower heads atop stems shorter than most Agapanthus, reaching around 45cm high making this one of the shortest Agapanthus varieties. This makes them great for potting, as their foliage can spill over the edges nicely while not taking up too much space vertically to ensure it'll fit nicely wherever you'd like it! At its base it forms a mound of foliage composed of long, thin, deciduous leaves that are a light green - contrasting beautifully with its flowers. Agapanthus are the premier choice for wildlife focussed gardens, as bees and other pollinators adore their nectar rich flowers. They also require very little maintenance, being drought tolerant and pest and disease free. They also don't require pruning after their flowering season as the seed pods they produce look attractive on their own, so they can continue creating visual interest even after they're done flowering!

Planting Conditions

This plant should be planted in moist, well drained soil, composed of sand, loam, clay or chalk. The pH of the soil is not important for an Agapanthus, but they'll need to be planted in a sheltered spot that has at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. They will grow very well when potted, as when their roots are restricted they will perform better, although they can perform well in a flower bed provided the soil they're planted in doesn't get too waterlogged.

Watering & Feeding

Agapanthus love being a little more on the dry side than most perennials, meaning they won't need watering as often as other plants in the garden. Because of this, they should also be planted in soil that drains well - and this watering can be performed once or twice a week. If you're wondering when they should be watered in their flowering season, check the top inch of soil, as if it's dry then they could do with a water. They should be fertilised with a fertiliser of a 1-2-1 ratio, mainly in Spring and Summer.

General Care

Agapanthus are very low maintenance overall, needing little watering or protection from disease or pests. They will need protection during the Winter if you want them to come back next year, a greenhouse is the best choice to ensure they maintain a temperature where they will survive. When you receive your plant, dig a hole twice the size of the pot and fill in the area around the plant with compost. A 3 inch layer of mulch should also be applied around the base of the plant, then water it to keep it moist until it's established.