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Ajuga Princess Nadia 1L

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Ajuga are low-growing, hardy perennials, perfect for using as ground cover in shady corners or under larger shrubs and trees. The silvery leaves have irregular cream margins and are flushed with shades of burgundy and purple to provide interest throughout the year. From late spring the short, spike-like blue flowers are extremely attractive to bees.


Once established Ajuga require very little maintenance and can be planted in most well-drained soils. Although they will be happy in a shady spot, a few hours of sun per day will bring out the best foliage colour. Water well during the first season but once established they don’t require much watering, apart from in particularly dry periods. Dividing the plant every 2-3 years will help it thrive and not become invasive. No feeding or pruning is required.

Planting Conditions

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Watering & Feeding

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General Care

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