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Aquilegia ‘Spring Magic Rose and White’
(Granny's Bonnet)


Item release date 1 September 2024.
Great for wildlife
Attracts Wildlife
50cm x 50cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Fully Hardy

Aquilegia ‘Spring Magic Rose and White’ earns its place in our range for its enchanting blooms and versatility. Selected for its striking pink and white flowers, this variety adds a touch of unique colour interest to any garden setting. Its early-season flowering and ability to attract pollinators make it a valuable addition to cottage gardens. Our horticultural team appreciates its nostalgic charm and recommends pairing it with complementary plants like Dicentra ‘Bleeding Heart’.


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Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Rose and White' has been selected to form part of our range due to its unique and delicate charm and striking colour contrast. This perennial boasts unique, upward-facing blooms in blush pink with contrasting white centres, reminiscent of delicate bells or a 'Granny's Bonnet'. Selected for its nostalgic beauty and garden versatility, 'Spring Magic Rose and White' adds a touch of whimsy to borders, rock gardens, or woodland settings. Its long flowering period from late Spring to early Summer ensures a prolonged display of colourful blooms. We've chosen it for its captivating appearance and its hardy reliable performance, enhancing any garden landscape with its visual interest. With its RHS Plants for Pollinators award, it attracts beneficial insects, contributing to a healthy garden biodiversity. Plant it alongside other spring-blooming perennials for a texturally interesting display. Easy to grow and maintain, 'Spring Magic Rose and White' is a must-have for gardeners seeking an interesting and enduring addition to their garden space.

Planting Conditions

For optimal growth of Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Rose and White,' choose a site with well-draining soil and partial to full sun exposure. Ensure the soil is rich in organic matter and slightly acidic to neutral in pH. Plant in early Spring or late Summer, spacing them about 12-18 inches apart to allow for proper air circulation. Avoid waterlogged conditions, as this can lead to root rot. With these planting conditions, 'Spring Magic Rose and White' will thrive and produce its charming pink and white blooms.

Watering & Feeding

Water 'Spring Magic Rose and White' regularly, especially during dry spells, ensuring the soil remains consistently moist but not waterlogged. Provide about 1 inch of water per week, adjusting based on weather conditions. Avoid overhead watering to prevent fungal diseases. Apply a balanced liquid fertiliser every 4-6 weeks during the growing season to support healthy growth and blooming. However, avoid over-fertilising, as it can lead to excessive foliage at the expense of flowers. With proper watering and feeding, this variety of Aquilegia will flourish and reward you with its beautiful blooms.

General Care

To care for 'Spring Magic Rose and White', deadhead spent flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming. Cut back the entire plant to ground level after flowering to promote new growth and maintain a tidy appearance. Keep an eye out for signs of pests or diseases, such as aphids or powdery mildew, and treat promptly if detected. Additionally, divide clumps every 2-3 years to rejuvenate the plant and prevent overcrowding. With proper care and occasional pruning, 'Spring Magic Rose and White' will thrive in your garden with its nostalgic blooms season after season.