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Armeria ‘Dreameria Daydream’
(Cliff Rose)


March - September
30cm x 30cm
Long Flowering Period
Fully Hardy

Armeria ‘Dreameria Daydream’ is a standout in our collection, prized for its enduring charm and low-maintenance. This evergreen perennial features tufted mounds of slender, grass-like foliage, complemented by slender stems with captivating pink blossoms. Remaining evergreen, ‘Dreameria Daydream’ provides year-round visual interest and blooms continuously from late Spring to Summer. Whether in borders, rock gardens, or containers, this versatile Armeria adds a touch of enchantment to any garden setting, promising beautiful cut flowers too!

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Armeria 'Dreameria Daydream' stands as a highly popular addition to our range, selected for its captivating characteristics and long-lasting nature. This evergreen perennial boasts a distinctive appearance, adorned with tufted mounds of slender, grass-like foliage. Come the flowering season, slender stems emerge, crowned with spherical clusters of charming, pink blossoms, creating a dreamy display. Noteworthy for its evergreen nature, 'Dreameria Daydream' retains its appeal throughout the year, providing visual interest even in the cold Winter months. This perennial's remarkable ability to bloom over an extended period enhances its appeal, ensuring a continuous focal point in your garden from late Spring through Summer. The decision to include 'Dreameria Daydream' in our range was guided by its exceptional ornamental value and low-maintenance characteristics. Ideal for borders, rock gardens, or containers, this Armeria variety adds a touch of versatility to any garden setting. Whether you're an experienced gardener seeking a reliable performer or a novice desiring an easy-to-care-for yet striking perennial, 'Dreameria Daydream' promises a year-round pop of beauty. In addition, Armeria make wonderful cut flowers and we adore seeing them in mixed arrangements too!

Planting Conditions

To cultivate a thriving display of Armeria 'Dreameria Daydream,' select a well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Ideal planting conditions involve choosing a sunny location in a sheltered spot, providing at least six hours of sunlight daily. Plant during the Spring or Autumn for optimal establishment, avoiding any frosty snaps. When planting, ensure the crown is level with the soil surface. Water the plant thoroughly after planting to settle the soil around the roots. This low-maintenance perennial, with its unique ball-shaped flowers, adds charm to gardens and containers, thriving when planted in well-drained, sunny spots.

Watering & Feeding

Armeria 'Dreameria Daydream' benefits from regular watering during dry spells, allowing the soil to remain consistently moist but not waterlogged. After the initial establishment period, the plant exhibits good drought tolerance. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early Spring to provide essential nutrients for robust growth. Moderate feeding supports healthy development without overstimulation. With a balanced approach to watering and occasional fertilisation, this Armeria variety maintains its vigour, ensuring a continuous and vibrant display of its distinctive, ball-shaped flowers in your garden.

General Care

Maintaining Armeria 'Dreameria Daydream' involves straightforward general care. Deadhead spent flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming for months throughout the Spring and Summer and maintains a neat appearance. Prune back any damaged or unruly foliage to enhance the plant's overall shape. This Armeria variety benefits from a tidy-up in late Winter or early Spring to remove any dead or discoloured growth. With minimal care efforts, 'Dreameria Daydream' continues to thrive, showcasing its charming flowers.