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Bergenia ‘Fire and Ice’
(Elephant's Ears)

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Great for wildlife
March - April
30cm x 40cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

‘Fire and Ice’ produces clusters of bell-shaped white flowers flushed with pink, bringing a sense of elegance to your Spring display. Also known as ‘Elephant’s Ears’ due to their much loved and distinctive giant leaves that blush with rose and bronze tints in Autumn through Winter. This evergreen perennial is easy to grow and a favourite for pollinators, inviting butterflies and bees into your garden.


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Bergenia 'Fire and Ice' earns its prestigious place in our plant range for its rare combination of spectacular blooms and fascinating foliage, making it a standout choice for discerning gardeners. This botanical gem produces clusters of bell-shaped white flowers delicately flushed with pink, introducing a sense of elegance, texture and colour to your Spring display. The visual charm extends beyond the blooming season as 'Fire and Ice' transforms into 'Elephant's Ears' with giant leaves that gracefully blush in rose and bronze hues, creating an interesting display throughout Autumn and Winter. The selection of 'Fire and Ice' is driven by its unique ability to offer both stunning blooms and captivating foliage, a rare quality in the plant kingdom. Few plants can boast such a harmonious combination, making 'Fire and Ice' a standout addition to our curated range. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this evergreen perennial is a delight for pollinators, attracting butterflies and bees to your garden. With its easy-to-grow nature, 'Fire and Ice' becomes a favourite for both seasoned and novice gardeners, ensuring that its exceptional beauty is accessible to all. Embrace the uniqueness of Bergenia 'Fire and Ice' as it graces your garden with the mesmerising duality of breath-taking blooms and intriguing foliage.

Planting Conditions

Planting Bergenia 'Fire and Ice' for optimal growth involves some considerations. Embracing the plant's preference for shade and dappled sunlight and selecting a location that seldom receives full sun exposure is beneficial. Our recommended optimal planting time is early Spring, or in Autumn ensuring the plant establishes itself before the growing season, but please avoid planting in any frosts. Choose well-drained, moist soil and enrich the bed with compost as needed. As Spring unfolds, anticipate the beauty of Bergenia 'Fire and Ice,' with its vibrant flowers heralding the arrival of the season. Following these planting guidelines ensures a thriving display of this stunning perennial in your garden.

Watering & Feeding

Caring for Bergenia 'Fire and Ice' involves taking a balanced approach to watering and feeding; Keep the soil consistently moist, particularly during dry spells, while avoiding waterlogged conditions. Apply a slow-release fertiliser in early Spring to provide essential nutrients for robust growth. Bergenia's adaptability makes it fairly low-maintenance, but regular watering and feeding contribute to optimal health and vibrant blooms. This thoughtful care routine ensures your 'Fire and Ice' Bergenia remains a resilient and captivating presence in your garden which flourishes throughout the seasons.

General Care

Ensuring the enduring charm of Bergenia 'Fire and Ice' involves straightforward general care. After blooms fade and flowers brown, promptly deadhead to encourage continuous flowering. Throughout Summer, maintain the plant's aesthetic appeal by removing any dead or brown leaves. This routine not only enhances the overall appearance but also contributes to the plant's vigour. By diligently attending to these simple tasks, your 'Fire and Ice' Bergenia remains a resilient and visually pleasing presence in your garden, thriving year after year.