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Canna ‘Cannova Yellow’
(Canna Lily)


June - September
120cm x 50cm
Cut Flowers
Tender Perennial

Canna ‘Cannova Yellow’ is cherished at our nursery for its stunningly vibrant yellow flowers and lush green foliage. This perennial blooms from Summer to Autumn, adding a tropical flair to gardens. Ideal for sunny borders or containers, our team loves it for its vibrant colour, robust growth, and ability as a reliable garden performer.

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Canna 'Cannova Yellow' will bring a taste to the tropics to the UK climate, with tropical yellow flowers that emerge from lush green leaves and repeat flower from June right through until September.  Perfect for pots to add a modern touch to the patio, or in beds or borders for a splash of yellow where needed.

Planting Conditions

Canna Cannova are not hardy and need protecting in the winter. This makes them ideal for pots which can then easily be moved into a green house or conservatory for frost protection and to keep the winter wet off plants.  Canna are fast growing so need a really big pot with plenty of room to grow. 

Watering & Feeding

They will need regular watering and feeding to enable them to grow and repeat flower all summer. 

General Care

Make sure to remove flowers once they are dying back or the plant will not keep producing new flowers.  In town and city centres, plants may survive the winter if a layer of mulch is applied.  In other areas move plants into a frost protected area.