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Coreopsis Corey Single Gold


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Great for wildlife
Award Winner
60cm x 50cm
Half Hardy

Coreopsis Corey Single Gold: The golden nugget of the garden! With its sunny yellow blooms, it’s like planting a pot of gold. Get ready to strike it rich with this floral fortune!

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Introducing Coreopsis Corey Single Gold, the shining star of your garden! With its brilliant golden blooms and vibrant energy, this perennial will bring a sunny disposition to any landscape. Coreopsis Corey Single Gold is a treasure trove of beauty and charm. Its daisy-like flowers, resembling drops of pure gold, stand tall on sturdy stems, swaying gently in the summer breeze. This showstopper is a must-have for those seeking a burst of sunshine in their garden. Planting Coreopsis Corey Single Gold is a breeze. It thrives in full sun, soaking up every ray to fuel its radiant blooms. Once established, this perennial is a self-sufficient gem. Its drought-tolerant nature means it can withstand dry spells with ease, making it a resilient addition to your garden. Prepare for a parade of pollinators, as Coreopsis Corey Single Gold attracts butterflies and bees like a shimmering magnet. It's like hosting a golden garden party, where guests can't resist the nectar-rich delights. With its low-maintenance nature, you can sit back and enjoy the golden spectacle. Occasional deadheading will encourage continuous blooming, but other than that, Coreopsis Corey Single Gold requires minimal fuss. Add a touch of radiance to your landscape with Coreopsis Corey Single Gold. Whether planted in borders, cottage gardens, or containers, this treasure will dazzle and delight, spreading joy like a precious golden nugget. Get ready to strike gardening gold with Coreopsis Corey Single Gold!

Planting Conditions

When it comes to planting Coreopsis Corey Single Gold, you're in for a golden treat! This radiant beauty loves to bask in full sun, soaking up the rays like a sunflower on vacation. It's not picky about soil, but well-drained and fertile soil will make it feel like it hit the jackpot. Whether you're planting it in borders, containers, or rock gardens, give it some space to spread its golden wings. This low-maintenance perennial can handle dry spells and even attracts butterflies, making it a delightful addition to any garden. Get ready to dig for gardening gold with Coreopsis Corey Single Gold!

Watering & Feeding

When it comes to watering and feeding Coreopsis Corey Single Gold, a balanced approach is key. This golden treasure prefers well-drained soil, so be cautious not to drown it in affection. Water it regularly, allowing the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. As for feeding, a light application of a slow-release fertiliser in Spring will give it a golden boost. Avoid excessive feeding, as this plant thrives on its own natural radiance. Coreopsis Corey Single Gold is a low-maintenance charmer that doesn't demand much, but a little hydration and nourishment will keep it shining bright in your garden.

General Care

When it comes to caring for Coreopsis Corey Single Gold, it's as easy as finding a pot of gold! This low-maintenance beauty thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. Water regularly, but don't drown it like a pirate searching for treasure. Deadhead spent blooms to keep the golden display going strong. This plant is a tough cookie, tolerating drought and resisting most pests and diseases. With its sunny disposition and carefree nature, Coreopsis Corey Single Gold will bring a touch of warmth and brilliance to your garden. So sit back, relax, and let this golden gem shine bright in your outdoor oasis.