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Coreopsis Early Sunrise

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Great for wildlife
Award Winner
60cm x 50cm
Tender Perennial

Coreopsis Early Sunrise: The sunshine of your garden! With golden blooms that rise like early birds, this plant brings a cheerful morning glow to your landscape. Rise and shine!

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Coreopsis Early Sunrise is the radiant star that ushers in the day with its golden blooms. Like the first rays of sunshine, this perennial lights up the garden with its cheerful and vibrant presence. Its bright yellow, daisy-like flowers rise above a mound of lush green foliage, creating a stunning display of colour and joy. The Early Sunrise variety showcases an early-blooming habit, ensuring that your garden is adorned with sunny hues right from the start of the season. Each flower is like a miniature sun, with its golden petals surrounding a contrasting dark centre. These blossoms attract butterflies and bees, bringing an extra touch of life and movement to your outdoor space. Standing at a height of around 12-18 inches, Coreopsis Early Sunrise forms compact clumps that fill your garden with a burst of colour. The lush green foliage serves as a perfect backdrop to showcase the radiant flowers, creating a harmonious and eye-catching display. With its easy-going nature and remarkable beauty, Coreopsis Early Sunrise is an ideal choice for borders, rock gardens, containers, or as part of a vibrant mixed planting scheme. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this plant will brighten your day and bring a cheerful and sunny atmosphere to your outdoor oasis.  

Planting Conditions

To enjoy the best performance from Coreopsis Early Sunrise, plant it in a location that receives full sun to partial shade. It thrives in well-drained soil, but it can adapt to various soil types, including sandy or clay soils. This hardy perennial can tolerate dry conditions, making it suitable for landscapes with less rainfall. Provide adequate spacing between plants to allow good air circulation and prevent overcrowding.

Watering & Feeding

Coreopsis Early Sunrise prefers moderate watering, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Avoid over-watering, as it can lead to root rot. This plant is relatively drought-tolerant once established. Apply a balanced fertiliser in spring to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms. Avoid excessive fertilisation, as it may result in excessive foliage growth at the expense of flowers.

General Care

Caring for Coreopsis Early Sunrise is a delight. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming throughout the season. This plant has good resistance to pests and diseases, but keeping an eye out for common issues like aphids or powdery mildew is recommended. Pruning is generally not necessary, but you can trim back the plant in early Spring to promote a more compact growth habit. Enjoy the radiant beauty of Early Sunrise as it brings the warmth and cheer of a sunny morning to your garden landscape. Rise and shine with Coreopsis Early Sunrise!