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Dahlia Honka Red 3L


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Great for wildlife
July - September
100cm x 45cm
Attracts Wildlife
Tender Perennial
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Dahlia Honka Red is the ultimate seductress of the floral world. With its fiery red blooms that command attention, this dahlia is a must-have for those who crave boldness and crave to make a statement. But it’s not just about its mesmerising beauty. Dahlia Honka Red is a reliable and low-maintenance companion, making it perfect for both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike. It thrives in full sun and rewards you with an abundance of striking blooms that last throughout the summer, ensuring a continuous spectacle of colour in your garden.

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Picture this: a garden adorned with vibrant red blossoms, each petal exuding a fiery energy that captures the essence of passion itself. With Honka Red, you have the power to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis that demands attention and ignites the senses. Standing tall and proud, Honka Red reaches heights of up to 36 inches (90 cm), like a flamenco dancer stretching for the heavens. Its fiery red blooms are like a passionate flamenco performance, leaving onlookers in awe of its untamed beauty. This dahlia knows how to make an entrance and demands an audience.

Planting Conditions

Planting Honka Red is like adding a touch of rebellion to your garden. Give it a prime spot where it can flaunt its fiery nature and show off its rebellious streak. Partial shade? That's for the timid souls. This dahlia thrives in full sun, ready to challenge the status quo and break free from the ordinary.

Watering & Feeding

Watering Honka Red is like quenching the thirst of a fiery rebel. Keep it well-hydrated, but be careful not to drown its rebellious spirit. This dahlia knows how to take control and won't settle for anything less than a perfect balance.

General Care

Deadheading is the secret to keeping Honka Red's rebellious flame burning bright. Remove the faded blooms with a rebellious spirit, as if snipping away the shackles of conformity. This dahlia knows that to stay true to itself, it must shed the old and embrace the new with an unapologetic attitude.