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Dahlia ‘Hypnotica Electric Pink’


Great for wildlife
June - September
50cm x 35cm
Cut Flowers
Half Hardy

Dahlia ‘Hypnotica Electric Pink’ stands out for its stunning pink blooms and exceptionally long flowering period, making it a focal point in any garden. Its vibrant colouration adds a burst of energy and charm to beds or borders. Selected by our team for its attractive blooms and extended bloom time, it pairs well with complimentary plants like Rudbeckia or Verbena for a vibrant and dynamic floral display throughout the Summer months.

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Planting Conditions

In terms of care, Dahlia 'Hypnotica Electric Pink' is a relatively low-maintenance dahlia. It thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, preferring regular watering to keep it hydrated and happy.

Watering & Feeding

To prevent overwatering, it's crucial to monitor the soil moisture levels. Before watering, check the top few inches of soil and only water if it feels dry. It's better to let the soil dry out slightly between watering sessions, as Dahlias prefer well-drained soil and do not tolerate soggy conditions.

General Care

Deadheading spent blooms will encourage continuous flowering, allowing you to enjoy the dazzling display throughout the Summer season.