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Dahlia Icoon


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Great for wildlife
July - September
120cm x 60cm
Attracts Wildlife
Tender Perennial
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Dahlia Icoon is like the superstar of the garden, ready to take centre stage and steal the show with its dazzling presence. With blooms that are larger than life, it’s as if this dahlia was created to grace the red carpet of the floral world.

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Standing tall and proud, Icoon reaches towering heights of up to 48 inches (120 cm), making it the ultimate diva of the garden. Its magnificent blooms are like paparazzi magnets, attracting attention from all angles. You won't be able to resist snapping photos and marvelling at the sheer star power of this dahlia. So, if you're ready to add a touch of celebrity status to your garden, Dahlia Icoon is the ultimate choice. Embrace its larger-than-life personality, and let it bring glitz and glamour to your floral ensemble. Just be prepared for the paparazzi to come knocking at your garden gate, eager to capture the breathtaking beauty of this dahlia superstar.

Planting Conditions

Planting Icoon is like setting up a VIP section in your garden. It deserves a prime spot where it can bask in the spotlight and demand the admiration of all who pass by. After all, this dahlia was born to shine, and it won't settle for anything less than the best seat in the house.

Watering & Feeding

Watering Icoon is like pampering a celebrity at a spa retreat. It craves regular hydration to maintain its glamorous appearance, but be careful not to drown it in a flood of attention. Remember, even stars need their personal space.

General Care

Deadheading is the secret to keeping Icoon looking like a true A-lister. Just like a celebrity getting a fresh makeover before hitting the red carpet, pluck away the faded blooms to make room for new, show-stopping blossoms. This dahlia knows how to put on a performance, and it won't settle for anything less than perfection.