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Dahlia ‘Little Robert’
(Pom Pom)


Item release date 20 June 2024.
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Great for wildlife
July - October
80cm x 50cm
Attracts Wildlife
Tender Perennial
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Dahlia ‘Little Robert’ is cherished for its compact size and prolific flowering habit. This dwarf variety produces masses of vibrant blooms atop sturdy stems, making it perfect for borders and containers. Its cheerful flowers attract pollinators, contributing to garden biodiversity. With its manageable size and vibrant colours, ‘Little Robert’ adds a pop of colour to any garden space, making it a favourite among gardeners seeking low-maintenance and long-lasting blooms.

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Planting Conditions

This dahlia may not require much space, but it demands attention. Plant it in a prime spot where it can flaunt its colourful petals and show off its larger-than-life personality. It's like a little diva that wants to be in the spotlight, charming everyone with its petite yet captivating presence.

Watering & Feeding

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