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Dahlia Melody Lemon


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Great for wildlife
July - September
65cm x 40cm
Attracts Wildlife
Tender Perennial
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Introducing Dahlia Melody Lemon, the zesty diva of the dahlia world! With its vibrant lemon-yellow blooms that are as bright as a summer’s day, this dahlia variety is here to add a citrusy twist to your garden. Just like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day, Melody Lemon will quench your thirst for stunning floral displays.


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Standing tall and proud, this dahlia reaches heights of 24-36 inches (60-90 cm) and spreads its sunshine up to 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) wide. Plant it in your garden and watch as it steals the spotlight, commanding attention from every passerby. And the best part? You can bring the zesty beauty of Melody Lemon indoors too. Its bright blooms make for a cheerful addition to floral arrangements. Imagine a bouquet with bursts of lemony goodness brightening up your home. It's like bringing a slice of sunshine inside. So, if you're looking to add some zest and vibrancy to your garden, look no further than Dahlia Melody Lemon. Its tangy charm and citrusy allure will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Just be prepared for the inevitable cravings for lemonade and lemon tarts that might come with it. Embrace the citrusy delight of Melody Lemon and let it add a tangy twist to your garden adventures!  

Planting Conditions

When it comes to planting, Dahlia Melody Lemon loves to bask in the sun, so make sure to give it a prime spot with full sun exposure. The more rays it gets, the more it'll shine! And just like any true lemon lover, this dahlia prefers well-drained soil that isn't too soggy. It doesn't want its roots to swim like a lemon slice in a glass of sparkling water.

Watering & Feeding

Regular watering is essential to keep Melody Rose hydrated and healthy. Water deeply, ensuring the water reaches the root zone, and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. However, be cautious not to overwater, as dahlia tubers are susceptible to rot in waterlogged conditions. Applying a layer of mulch around the base of the plant will help retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weed growth.

General Care

To encourage continuous blooming, it is recommended to deadhead faded flowers regularly. Removing spent blooms not only improves the appearance of the plant but also stimulates the production of new buds and prolongs the flowering season. Additionally, disbudding, the practice of removing some flower buds to allow others to grow larger, can result in larger and more impressive blooms.