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Dianthus Scented Candyfloss


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May - July
30cm x 30cm
Fully Hardy
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Dianthus Scented Candyfloss: the plant that’s a feast for the eyes and the nose! With its fluffy blooms and sweet scent, it’s like a fair in your garden. Who needs cotton candy when you have Dianthus Scented Candyfloss?

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Looking for a sweet addition to your garden that smells as good as it looks? Look no further than Dianthus Scented Candyfloss! This delightful plant features large, frilly blooms in shades of pink that resemble fluffy candyfloss. But the real treat is its heavenly scent, which is reminiscent of a sweet Summer fair. Dianthus Scented Candyfloss is also low maintenance and easy to care for. If you want to encourage more blooms, just give it a light trim after each flowering. It's like a little haircut for your plant, and it helps to promote new growth and more blooms. This variety of Dianthus is also perfect for attracting butterflies and bees, making it a valuable addition to any pollinator-friendly garden. So, whether you're a candyfloss lover or just looking for a pretty and fragrant plant to brighten up your garden, Dianthus Scented Candyfloss is the perfect choice. With its sweet scent and low-maintenance nature, it's like having a fair in your backyard!

Planting Conditions

Planting Dianthus Scented Candyfloss is as easy as pie (or candyfloss)! This sweet-smelling plant loves a spot with full sun or partial shade and well-draining soil. It's not fussy about soil type, as long as it's not too soggy. You can plant it in containers, borders or even rock gardens. Just make sure to water it regularly, but not too much, as Dianthus doesn't like to be waterlogged. And voila! Your garden will be transformed into a sweet-smelling wonderland that's sure to make your taste buds (and nose) tingle with delight.

Watering & Feeding

Watering and feeding your Dianthus Scented Candyfloss is a piece of cake! Give it a good watering once a week, making sure the soil is moist but not waterlogged. And if you're feeling generous, you can give it a little extra water during hot and dry spells. As for feeding, a little bit of liquid fertiliser every two to three weeks during the growing season will keep it happy and healthy. Just remember not to overdo it, as too much fertiliser can lead to a lot of leaves but few blooms. It's like giving your plant a treat without the sugar rush!

General Care

This sweet plant loves a sunny spot with well-draining soil and regular watering. To encourage more blooms, give it a light trim after each flowering. It's like giving your plant a little hairdo! Oh, and don't forget to enjoy its heavenly scent and watch as it attracts bees and butterflies. It's like a party in your garden!