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Dicentra ‘Valentine’
(Bleeding Heart)

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April - May
75cm x 60cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Award Winner
Fully Hardy

This Dicentra is a bright twist on a classic perennial! This variety produces radiant yellow foliage that absolutely glows in Spring, creating a brilliant focal point in the shaded garden. Arching sprays of red and white heart-shaped blooms dangle from the stems in late Spring. The foliage typically mellows a bit in colour as the season progresses. It’s easy to grow, early flowering and looks fabulous planted in groups towards the front of a shady border or as part of a cottage garden scheme.


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Dicentra 'Valentine' emerges as a radiant highlight in our collection, popular with garden enthusiasts for its unique blend of golden foliage and its distinctive flower shape. This perennial, commonly known as Bleeding Heart, features heart-shaped, bright gold leaves that add a vibrant and cheerful touch to any garden. The luminous foliage provides a striking contrast to the elegant, arching stems with pendant-like, rosy-red and white heart-shaped flowers, creating an inspiring display in shaded areas of the garden. Selected for its well-shaped form, 'Valentine' boasts a lengthy flowering period, gracing your garden with its unique blooms from late Spring into early Summer. Its interesting flower shape, coupled with the enduring golden foliage, makes it a popular choice for gardeners seeking both visual impact and long-lasting appeal.
We recommend planting 'Valentine' alongside Hosta, Brunnera, Astilbe, and Hellebores to create a harmonious and visually appealing garden composition. The contrasting textures and complementary colours of these companion plants enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and provide a balanced and diverse landscape.

Planting Conditions

To establish ideal conditions for Bleeding Hearts, plant them in partial shade. Choose a location with fertile, humus-rich soil that offers good drainage. When planting, dig a hole twice the size of the root ball and place the plant at the same depth as it was in the container. Backfill with soil, water thoroughly, and apply a layer of mulch to retain moisture. Ensuring consistent soil moisture is key for their well-being. These charming perennials, with their distinctive blooms, thrive when planted thoughtfully, providing an enchanting addition to shaded gardens and borders.

Watering & Feeding

Dicentra 'Valentine' requires careful attention to watering during its initial year as it establishes. Regular watering, especially in dry spells, ensures the soil remains consistently moist without becoming waterlogged. As woodland plants, they thrive with a top dressing of leaf mould and fresh compost in Spring, enhancing soil fertility and plant vigour. While they may enter dormancy in mid-Summer, keeping them well-hydrated in Spring can delay this process until late Summer or even until early Autumn. This routine contributes to the prolonged health and vitality of 'Valentine' in your garden.

General Care

Maintaining Bleeding Hearts involves straightforward care. After the foliage turns yellow and dies off, prune the plants to ground level. This process generally occurs in late Summer or early Autumn. Regularly monitor soil moisture to keep it consistently moist, especially during dry periods. Mulching around the base helps retain moisture and suppress weeds. These perennials are relatively low-maintenance, and their unique, heart-shaped flowers add a touch of elegance to shaded gardens. Following these simple care practices ensures the continued health and vitality of Bleeding Hearts in your garden.