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Digitalis Foxlight Plum Gold 3L

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Great for wildlife
June - July
100cm x 50cm
Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Hardy Biennial

Digitalis ‘Foxlight Plum Gold’ is an eye catching semi-evergreen foxglove. It produces upright spikes of reddish pink flowers with golden spots down the throat from late spring through summer. Its erect stems bear lance shaped toothed foliage in hues of dark green.

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Foxgloves grow best in rich soils that are moist, but well-drained and can be grown in sun or partial shade. During the first year water at least once a week during dry periods, decreasing to every other week once established. Removing faded flower spikes during the season may encourage reblooming, once the plant has completely finished flowering cut the flower spikes back to just above the leaves. Feed in spring with a balanced, slow release fertiliser. Although Foxgloves are short-lived they self-seed creating new plants each year.

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