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Eryngium Blue Hobbit
(Sea Holly)


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Great for wildlife
June - August
30cm x 30cm
Dried Flowers
Fully Hardy

Popular for their blueish head colour and thistle-like appearance, these beautiful perennials make a perfect addition to any garden border. Due to their tall height and non invasive growth, they are often used to grow taller above other, shorter plants, providing a distinctive texture.

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Sea Hollys grow best in well drained soil, and perform best in full sunlight. The flower heads tend to be longer lasting and bloom more fully when cut from January through to May. Fertilization is not necessary, and they do not need watering except in longer droughts. Sea Hollys are also prone to being eaten by slugs or snails, so effective use of non-toxic slug or snail bait early in the growth season can prevent such problems from arising.  

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