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Erysimum ‘Winter Passion’
(Wall Flower)

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Great for wildlife
April - September
45cm x 30cm
Cut Flowers
Fully Hardy

This compact, evergreen, perennial wallflower grows in neat dense clumps and is a powerful garden performer in a wide range of garden designs. Selected for the incredibly long-lasting, sweetly fragrant and deeply red flowers that bloom in Spring and change to a rich purple as they mature in Autumn. We adore it’s early flush of blooms that introduce us into the Spring months.

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Erysimum 'Winter Passion' is an powerful perennial that is well known for its reliable garden performance. Erysimum add an early flush of colour to any garden setting and we love its early arrival in the season and the versatility of its shape and form. 'Winter Passion' is a short-lived, evergreen perennial with a compact and neat habit. Woody-based stems produce dark green narrow leaves and they are a rich backdrop to the masses of terminal clusters of flowers. The flowers are deeply red and fade to deep purple as the season progresses, offering a rich colour change and lots of visual interest. Blooms not only undergo this charming colour transformation as the plant matures, but they also last from Spring until Autumn. 'Winter Passion' holds the prestigious RHS Plants for Pollinators award and so is well recognised as a nectar-rich garden flower that provides forage for a wide variety of wild bees and other pollinating insects that are in decline. We adore its fragrant and colour changing hues and the bees and insects seem to think so too! Erysimum are easy to grow and thrive as a patio or container specimen and when planted in flower borders and beds, it contributes to a well-structured garden design. Its compact bushy and mound forming growth allows the Erysimum to fit perfectly into city and courtyard gardens, coastal landscapes, cottage-style, and informal gardens.

Planting Conditions

For Erysimum 'Winter Passion,' choose well-drained soil with a slightly alkaline to neutral pH. Optimal planting locations include sunny spots in borders or containers, where it can receive at least six hours of sunlight daily. Plant during Autumn or early Spring for seamless establishment, but avoiding planting during frosts. This perennial thrives in various garden settings, enhancing your garden space with vibrant early season blooms.

Watering & Feeding

Water Erysimum 'Winter Passion' moderately, allowing the soil to dry slightly between sessions to prevent waterlogging. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early Spring to provide essential nutrients without overfeeding. This resilient perennial requires minimal watering and feeding efforts, making it an uncomplicated addition to your garden. With a straightforward care routine, 'Winter Passion' will reward you with long-lasting blooms, perfect for those pollinators.

General Care

Erysimum 'Winter Passion' offers easy general care, complemented by its resistance to diseases and pests. After the flowering season, trim the plant down to half its size to maintain a tidy appearance and foster robust growth. This simple annual pruning routine enhances the plant's neat form. 'Winter Passion' thrives in well-drained soil with a slightly alkaline to neutral pH, positioned in sunny borders or containers. Its resilience minimises the need for extensive care, making it an effortlessly charming addition to your garden with minimal concerns.