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Euphorbia ‘Ascott Rainbow’ (PBR)


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Great for wildlife
Foliage Colour
90cm x 75cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Fully Hardy
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The Euphorbia that boasts a dynamic rainbow foliage/flower combo – a must-have ornamental if you’re looking for year-round colour and texture! We love that ‘Ascot Rainbow’ suits both cottage garden and tropical terrace. A changing palette of gold, green and pink leaves and unique lime-green variated flowers. We adore when planted in threes, alongside grasses and Rudbeckia for a striking perennial fusion.

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Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' scores our top marks for a mesmerising display of colour and texture that is easy to grow and contributes to a year-round visual spectacle in the garden or containers. It is a very hardy plant and once established they are very drought tolerant, making them an easy-care option for those new to gardening. An evergreen with variegated leaves, adorned in a palette of green, gold and pink, making this variety a great addition to a mixed border, pot or gravel garden with the added bonus of flowers in late Spring and Summer too. Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' is a stunning perennial, ideal for both cottage garden and Mediterranean terrace alike. Renown for its striking flower and foliage combination, 'Ascot rainbow' displays unusual lance-shaped grey-green leaves which emerge with a pink tinge, then as they mature, taking on a creamy margin, with interesting red markings. During the colder months, the leaves develop distinct pinky-red tones. Unique Lime-green flowers with red centres start to appear in spring atop the leafy stems. This evergreen cultivar exhibits a compact, mounding habit, making it suitable for borders, rockeries, or containers and adding a burst of colour and texture.

Planting Conditions

Plant Euphorbia 'Ascott Rainbow' with success by adhering to optimal conditions. This perennial thrives in well-drained soil with a slightly alkaline to neutral pH, and adapts well to the UK's temperature climate. A sunny location, receiving at least six hours of sunlight daily, is ideal for 'Ascott Rainbow.' Plant during early Spring for seamless establishment and avoiding any frost. With its compact and tidy growth habit, this Euphorbia variety lends itself beautifully to borders or containers, adding a burst of colourful foliage to your garden. By following these planting guidelines, characterised by the right soil composition and sunlight exposure, you set the stage for a vibrant display of 'Ascott Rainbow's' unique beauty.

Watering & Feeding

Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, Euphorbia 'Ascott Rainbow' thrives with careful watering and feeding. Ensure a well-established start by watering thoroughly, especially during the initial growth phase. Once established, maintain a moderate watering routine, allowing the soil to partially dry between sessions. A balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early Spring provides ample nutrients without overfeeding. With its resilient nature and minimal care requirements, 'Ascott Rainbow' effortlessly contributes vibrant, multi-coloured foliage to your garden.

General Care

Euphorbia 'Ascott Rainbow' demands minimal care but benefits from mindful practices. Always wear gloves when handling, as its milky sap is toxic. To maintain its neat form, trim tired flower stems back to the first set of leaves below after flowering, ensuring a continuous and impressive display. This low-maintenance perennial thrives in well-drained soil and a sunny or partially shaded spot, adding a burst of multi-coloured foliage to your garden. With these simple guidelines, 'Ascott Rainbow' stands resilient and captivating, offering enduring beauty with minimal fuss.