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Geum ‘Tequila Sunrise’ (PBR)



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Great for wildlife
April - August
50cm x 50cm
Easy Care
Fully Hardy
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Geum ‘Tequila Sunrise’ from the vibrant cocktail series lights up your garden with a burst of hot colour in late Spring to early Summer. Medium-sized, single to semi-double flowers, this Geum was chosen to sit in our range for its dazzling hues and extended blooming season, ‘Tequila Sunrise’ brings a touch of warmth and charm to borders, infusing with the spirit of Summer and attracting plenty of declining wildlife.


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Geum 'Tequila Sunrise' stands as a vibrant star in our collection, inspiring garden enthusiasts with its brilliant hues and long-lasting mass of charming blooms. This perennial is celebrated for its unique and striking flowers, featuring a mesmerising blend of warm, sunset-inspired tones. The blooms unfurl in shades ranging from fiery oranges to soft yellows, creating a bloom reminiscent of a radiant sunrise. Chosen for its hardiness and remarkable beauty, 'Tequila Sunrise' thrives in a range garden settings, from borders to containers, adding a burst of colour to your garden space. The heart-warming display is not only a testament to its aesthetic appeal but also this Geum variety earns additional distinction for attracting a wealth of wildlife too. The versatility of 'Tequila Sunrise' extends beyond its visual impact, making it an ideal choice for both experienced horticulturists and new gardeners. This Geum's resilience and low-maintenance nature ensure a practical addition to your garden, while its unique floral display adds warmth and vibrancy.

Planting Conditions

Cultivating the vibrant allure of Geum 'Tequila Sunrise' involves some thoughtful planting conditions. Choose a well-drained soil enriched with organic matter, providing an ideal foundation for robust growth. Opt for a sunny to partially shaded location, ensuring the plants receive 4-6 hours of sunlight daily for optimal blooming. Space them 12-18 inches apart to encourage proper air circulation and allow each plant to flourish. Mulch the area to retain moisture and suppress weeds, fostering a healthy environment. Plant during early Spring or Autumn for optimal establishment, setting the scene for a dazzling sunrise of colours in your garden.

Watering & Feeding

Nurturing the vibrant hues of Geum 'Tequila Sunrise' involves a considerate approach to watering and feeding. Keep the soil consistently moist but well-drained, focusing on the base to avoid foliage moisture. During dry spells, provide regular watering to support healthy growth. While this Geum variety appreciates fertile soil, modest feeding is generally sufficient. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early Spring to provide essential nutrients for robust blooming. However, exercise restraint to avoid excessive fertilisation. By adhering to this balanced watering and feeding routine, you ensure a continuous burst of sunrise-inspired colours in your garden.

General Care

Caring for the Geum 'Tequila Sunrise' is like tending to a sunlit friend in your garden. Keep its soil happy with regular watering, ensuring it stays moist but not waterlogged. Treat it to a light snack of balanced, slow-release fertiliser in Spring to keep those vibrant blooms coming. Give it a trim after the blooms are spent to keep things neat and encourage more blossoms. Watch out for any unwanted pests and diseases; a bit of TLC goes a long way in keeping this sunny companion smiling.