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Heuchera ‘Paris’ (PBR)
(Coral Bells)


Great for wildlife
June - August
30cm x 35cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Easy Care
Fully Hardy

‘Paris’ is a clump-forming, evergreen perennial producing a tight mound of silvered foliage with dark green veins. Upright, tall sprays of small, rose-pink, bell-shaped flowers are produced over a long period from late Spring to late Summer. It provides excellent ground cover due to its dense foliage and is proven as a reliable garden performer.

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Heuchera 'Paris' graces our collection as a botanical masterpiece, chosen for its mesmerising display of foliage, featuring elegantly scalloped leaves in enchanting shades of burgundy and green. The intricate colour interplay evokes the romantic allure of the City of Light, earning 'Paris' recognition with the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit for its outstanding performance and reliability in UK gardens. Standing at an average height of 30-40 cm, 'Paris' adopts a compact and mounding habit, creating a visual focal point reminiscent of a flourishing garden in the heart of Paris. The lush, evergreen leaves ensure year-round interest, even during the Winter months, making it a delightful addition to borders, containers, or mixed plantings. The versatility of 'Paris' shines as it thrives in both partial shade and sun-drenched spots, adapting effortlessly to diverse garden settings. Whether nestled in cottage gardens, urban landscapes, or featured as a charming accent in containers, Heuchera 'Paris' adds a touch of romance to every corner. Its low-maintenance nature makes it accessible to gardeners of all levels, ensuring a reliable and visually interesting perennial that captures the romantic essence of its namesake city in every leaf.

Planting Conditions

To cultivate a thriving Heuchera 'Paris,' select well-drained soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH, prioritising good drainage. Flourishing in partial to full shade, this perennial's vibrant foliage becomes a striking contrast in shaded areas, enhancing borders or containers. Choose to plant during the Spring or Autumn, avoiding frosty snaps for optimal establishment. Whether nestled in borders or containers, 'Paris' injects a unique burst of colour into your garden.

Watering & Feeding

Pampering your Heuchera 'Paris' with the right watering and feeding routine ensures this charming perennial remains a star in your garden. Keep its soil consistently moist but well-drained, offering a refreshing drink during dry spells. Come Spring, treat it to a light, slow-release fertiliser, sparingly applied to avoid overwhelming this modest beauty. Strike a balance – don't let it go thirsty, but resist the urge to flood. By maintaining this delicate equilibrium in watering and feeding, 'Paris' will continue to enchant your garden with its vibrant foliage.

General Care

Keeping Heuchera 'Paris' looking its best is a cinch. After the blooms fade, a light trim ensures ongoing elegance. Watch for pests like aphids and slugs, promptly addressing any unwelcome visitors. This hardy perennial appreciates a disease-free environment, so keep an eye out for signs of powdery mildew or rust. Regular tidying helps maintain its pristine appearance, while a vigilant approach to potential issues ensures 'Paris' remains healthy. With minimal fuss, you'll enjoy this perennial's charming presence and vibrancy in your outdoor space.