Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft
(Red Hot Poker)


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July - October
100cm x 45cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

Kniphofia Pyromania ‘Backdraft’ is an impressive and striking perennial plant that commands attention with its fiery blooms. This variety of Kniphofia, also known as red hot poker or torch lily, features tall flower spikes that rise above the foliage. The flowers of ‘Backdraft’ are a vibrant blend of intense red, orange, and yellow, resembling flickering flames. The dramatic coloration and architectural form of this plant make it a focal point in any garden or landscape.


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Kniphofia Red Hot Pokers are instantly recognisable due to their bright, multicoloured flower spikes. 'Pyromania Backdraft' is an eye-catching perennial with unusual, long orange flower spikes. Growing tall above other plants in beds and borders, these fiery looking perennials are known to attract bees, making them great for wildlife gardens.  

Planting Conditions

For best performance choose a sunny position in fertile, well-drained soil that won't get too wet over winter.

Watering & Feeding

Water at least once a week until established and during warmer periods, once established they are fairly drought tolerant.

General Care

Remove dead flower stems to prolong flowering. Once flowering has finished leave the plants alone until mid-spring as the old growth will protect the crown of the plant. Once the weather has begun to warm up, any dead or untidy-looking foliage can be pulled away – this will provide the opportunity to check for slugs and snails which can damage developing flower heads and young growth.