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Leucanthemum ‘Western Star Taurus’ (PBR)
(Ox-eye Daisy)


Cut Flowers
40cm x 55cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Fully Hardy

Leucanthemum Western Star Taurus will add a graceful touch to borders with its single, daisy-like flowers which accompany muted green deciduous foliage. This variety is perfect for container planting, where it will look beautiful interspersed amongst colourful, taller perennials.

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Our cheerful Ox-eye Daisy has been selected by our horticultural team for its popularity among gardeners of all levels of expertise. The timeless giant daisy shaped blooms proves itself as a fully hardy, easy-care perennial to be enjoyed for years to come. The large yellow centre and delicate white petals, nestle above a compact habit perfect to be enjoyed at the front of sunny borders or for use as patio container planting. These informal blooms are perfect for the front of your beds and borders, allowing you to easily reach and pick some whimsical cut flowers to enjoy indoors. The relaxed meadow prairie feel of Leucanthemums are perfect for cottage gardens and wildlife gardens. In stark contrast we also enjoy seeing the daisy in an urban and contemporary space too. With an average height of 45-60 cm, these charming daisies become a standout feature in borders but also enjoyed in Summer container arrangements. Their graceful appearance and compact habit make them a versatile choice for various garden styles, including traditional to contemporary. We recommend planting these popular Leucanthemums together en masse; for an impactful space of billowing cheerful blooms that can be cut for both flower arrangements and also left for wild bees and other declining pollinators to enjoy. Overall, we prioritise plants that are fully hardy and will stand the test of time in your garden, 'Western Star Taurus' is a horticultural gem, both for durability and is a powerful perennial that brings a wealth of wildlife to your outdoor space. Easy to grow and offering good disease and pest resistance, we enjoy this cheerful Ox-eye Daisy in every garden border.

Planting Conditions

Planting Leucanthemums are a pleasure for any garden enthusiast. Optimal conditions include well-drained soil and a sunny spot in the middle of your beds and borders, offering a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight daily. This perennial flourishes in nutrient-rich soil, so a touch of organic matter goes a long way. To give each plant the space it needs to thrive, aim for a distance of 18-24 inches between them, ensuring a good amount of air circulation. Timing matters, so we advise opting to plant the vibrant, daisy-like blooms in early Spring or in Autumn for a seamless establishment, but to avoid planting in any frosts.

Watering & Feeding

Keeping Leucanthemum 'Western Star Taurus' vital is a breeze. When it comes to watering, aim for consistent moisture without drowning the roots. This perennial appreciates a drink during dry spells, but moderation is key. As for feeding, it's a laid-back eater. A well-balanced, slow-release fertiliser in Spring is all it craves – no need for a feast. Keep things friendly with your watering can, and easy-care perennial will reward you with a dazzling show of vibrant blooms.

General Care

Regular deadheading with the removal of spent blooms, ensures a continuous burst of cheerful daisy-like flowers. We advise to keep an eye out for potential pests such as aphids and diseases like powdery mildew; however, early intervention maintains the plant's health. Adequate spacing, 18-24 inches apart, encourages proper air circulation, reducing the risk of fungal issues. With these measures this resilient and fully hardy perennial will add cheer from late Spring right through the Summer months.