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Lithodora ‘Tidepool Sky Blue’


May - July
25cm x 40cm
Easy Care
Fully Hardy

Lithodora ‘Tidepool Sky Blue’ graces our range as a fully hardy evergreen shrub. Forming a lush mat with small, hairy leaves, this low-growing beauty showcases star-shaped, intense deep blue flowers throughout late Spring and Summer. The plant’s enduring charm, vibrant blooms, and low-maintenance nature make it a perfect addition to borders, rockeries, or containers, enhancing your garden with year-round interest and vivid blue hues.


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Lithodora 'Tidepool Sky Blue' holds a distinguished place in our carefully curated range, chosen for its exceptional attributes that make it a popular choice for any garden. This fully hardy evergreen shrub was selected for its resilience, thriving in diverse climates and conditions. Its compact, low-growing habit forms a lush mat of small, hairy leaves, providing not only visual interest but also a unique tactile experience. The star attraction of 'Tidepool Sky Blue' is its intense deep blue flowers, which grace your garden from late Spring through to Summer, creating a stunning display. We specifically included this Lithodora variety in our range for its ability to add year-round interest, vibrant colour, and texture to garden settings. Ideal for borders, rockeries, or containers, 'Tidepool Sky Blue' has a wide versatility in design, contributing to various landscape styles. Its adaptability to ground cover or cascading over walls enhances its appeal, while the low-maintenance nature of the shrub ensures accessibility for gardeners of all levels. With 'Tidepool Sky Blue,' we sought to offer a resilient, visually captivating, and tactile experience for garden enthusiasts, making it a cherished addition to our range that elevates any outdoor space with its enduring charm and vibrant blue blooms.    

Planting Conditions

To cultivate a thriving display of Lithodora 'Tidepool Sky Blue,' choose well-drained, acidic soil to create an optimal growing environment. The planting site should receive plenty of sunlight to encourage the best development of its vivid blue flowers. Ensure the soil has good drainage, as Lithodora is particularly sensitive to waterlogged conditions. This low-maintenance perennial makes a stunning addition to rock gardens, borders, or containers. With its vibrant blooms and preference for well-drained acidic soils, 'Tidepool Sky Blue' is an ideal choice for gardeners seeking a striking and easy-to-care-for plant.

Watering & Feeding

Optimal care for Lithodora 'Tidepool Sky Blue' involves strategic watering and fertilisation. After pruning, apply a balanced fertiliser to promote accelerated growth. When watering, adopt a slow and deep approach, allowing the moisture to penetrate the soil thoroughly. Mulching around the plant serves a dual purpose—conserving soil moisture and providing a protective layer. By combining deliberate watering practices and timely fertilisation, you can ensure the sustained health and vibrant appearance of 'Tidepool Sky Blue' in your garden.

General Care

Maintaining the health and aesthetics of Lithodora 'Tidepool Sky Blue' involves attentive general care. Periodic pruning is recommended to achieve the desired size and shape, while also stimulating new blooms. Trim away dead or faded flowers to encourage a continuous display of vibrant blossoms. This straightforward care routine ensures the plant's longevity and sustained health and vigour in your garden, providing an ongoing showcase of the vivid 'Tidepool Sky Blue' blooms.