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Lupin ‘West Country Polar Princess’ (PBR)

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June - July
75cm x 60cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

The ‘West Country Lupin’ series are featured heavily at RHS Chelsea Flower Show every year- and it is easy to see why!  These hybrids are renowned for their upright flower spikes which are much larger than a traditional Lupin, and have been bred to produce more spikes, that last longer too.


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Lupin 'West Country Polar Princess' takes centre stage in our collection, celebrated for its outstanding features that make it a standout choice in gardens across the UK. A perennial star at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show each year, this Lupin from the 'West Country Lupin' series boasts impressive upright flower spikes, surpassing the size of traditional Lupins. Bred with precision, these hybrids not only exhibit larger spikes but also produce an abundance that lasts longer, creating a stunning visual display. The allure of 'West Country Polar Princess' lies in its magnificent flower spikes, which rise proudly, showcasing a rich tapestry of interest, texture and shape. The blooms, in a strikingly pure white, create a complementary contrast against the lush green foliage, forming an eye-catching focal point in garden beds or mixed borders. Chosen for its exceptional attributes, including the enhanced size and longevity of flower spikes, 'West Country Polar Princess' adds a touch of Chelsea Flower Show glamour to your garden. With its reliable performance and visual impact, this Lupin is a testament to our commitment to offering garden enthusiasts unique, high-quality plants that elevate their outdoor spaces. Transform a variety of garden designs with the grandeur of Lupin 'West Country Polar Princess', a true showstopper in any Cottage Gardens, Urban Gardens, Wildlife Gardens, as a feature in pots and containers and we feel look at their best in mixed perennial beds and borders.

Planting Conditions

To establish an optimal setting for Lupin 'West Country Polar Princess', choose a location with well-drained soil, enriched with organic matter for added fertility. Plant in an area that receives full sunlight, as Lupins thrive in bright conditions. Adequate spacing of approximately 24 inches between plants allows for proper air circulation, preventing potential fungal issues. Begin planting in early Spring, avoiding waterlogged areas. This ensures successful establishment, leading to robust growth and an impressive display of the distinctive white blooms characteristic of 'West Country Polar Princess'.

Watering & Feeding

For effective watering and feeding of Lupin 'West Country Polar Princess', maintain a regular watering routine, ensuring the soil remains consistently moist. However, avoid waterlogging, which can lead to root rot. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in Spring to provide essential nutrients without overstimulating growth. During the growing season, supplemental feeding every 4-6 weeks promotes vigorous development and enhances the production of vibrantly white blooms. This thoughtful approach to watering and feeding contributes to the overall health and longevity of 'West Country Polar Princess', ensuring a striking and enduring presence in your garden.

General Care

Caring for Lupin 'West Country Polar Princess' involves some vigilant pruning and general care. Regular deadheading after blooms fade encourages prolonged flowering and prevents self-seeding. Trim spent flower spikes to the base once flowering concludes, promoting new growth. This Lupin variety exhibits robust disease and pest resistance, but it's advisable to monitor for aphids or powdery mildew. Remove any affected foliage promptly. A well-balanced care routine, including disease monitoring and strategic pruning, ensures 'West Country Polar Princess' maintains its health, offering a vibrant, pest-resistant display season after season in your garden.