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Papaver Spring Fever Red
(Icelandic Poppy)

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Great for wildlife
May - June
35cm x 30cm
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy
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Blousy bright red flowers, with paper-like petals, is there a more British flower for the garden? As the flowers sway in the breeze they are a magnet to bees & butterflies and add a wonderful splash of colour to pots and borders in the garden. Papaver also spread throughout the garden each year, which is great for those who want to see flowers all about the garden.

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Icelandic Poppies love a sunny, well drained spot or a pot in a sunny area of the patio.  Feed every couple of weeks during the growing season or you may find that leaves start to go yellow. Water well to establish, but after that make sure plant does not get waterlogged. Remove tired flowers to encourage fresh buds.

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