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Poppy ‘Allegro’

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Great for wildlife
May - June
100cm x 50cm
Award Winner
Fully Hardy
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Blousy bright red flowers, with paper-like petals – is there a more British Garden flower ? Swaying in the breeze, these poppies are a magnet to bees & butterflies adding a scarlet vibrancy to beds, pots and borders. Papaver self-seed and spread throughout the garden each year, which is great for those who are looking for a natural evolution to their outdoor space. A lovely addition to dried flower arrangements too.

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Poppy 'Allegro' is a dazzling addition in your garden, boasting vibrant blooms that dance in your pots and borders. This clump-forming herbaceous perennial has finely divided silvery-green foliage, creating a contrasting backdrop for its blooms. As a vigorous and reliable cultivar, 'Allegro' features tall, bristly stems adorned with pendent buds that unfurl into a mass of large saucer-shaped flowers. The bright scarlet-orange petals exhibit dark blotches at their base, adding drama to the design in your garden space. Thriving in well-drained soil and revelling in full sun, 'Allegro' has been chosen for it's reliability, strong stems and extended flowering period from late Spring into early Summer, ensuring a prolonged focal point in your garden. Resilient and charming, this poppy is a perfect choice for cottage gardens and mixed borders, infusing some energy into your garden. Loved at our nursery, not only for its visual impact but also for its role as a pollinator magnet, this variety earns additional distinction with the prestigious RHS Plants for Pollinators award, acknowledging its role in supporting essential wildlife and contributing to the overall biodiversity of your garden. Allow this captivating poppy to take centre stage in your garden, and experience the joy it brings to both you and your buzzing visitors.

Planting Conditions

Creating an ideal setting for Poppy 'Allegro' involves a little thought on the best planting conditions. Opt for well-drained soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH, ensuring proper drainage and optimal growth. This perennial looks spectacular in a sunny location, receiving at least six hours of sunlight daily to support its growth. Plant during early Spring or Autumn, avoiding frosty periods for seamless establishment. 'Allegro' Poppies are well-suited for borders, rock gardens, or mixed flower beds. By following these precise guidelines, characterised by the right soil composition, ample sunlight, and strategic placement, you ensure a vibrant and graceful display of Poppies for years to come.

Watering & Feeding

Poppy 'Allegro' thrives with strategic watering and feeding. Initially, water well for establishment, ensuring consistent soil moisture without waterlogging. This promotes robust blooming. Subsequently, maintain well-drained conditions to avoid waterlogging. Feed every two weeks during the growing season to prevent leaf yellowing and bolster growth. This attentive watering and feeding approach ensures the sustained vitality of 'Allegro' Poppies.

General Care

Caring for Poppy 'Allegro' involves simple yet essential practices. Regular deadheading promotes continuous blooming or, for those desiring natural seed dispersal, leave the flowers to develop into pods in Autumn. To maintain vitality, remove any spent flowers, encouraging fresh buds for an extended bloom period. 'Allegro' Poppies, with their delicate charm, thrive with this straightforward care routine, whether you prefer a continuous display of blossoms or the enchantment of natural seed scattering.