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Poppy ‘Garden Gnome’


June - August
45cm x 25cm
Cut Flowers
Fully Hardy

At our nursery, we adore Poppy ‘Garden Gnome’ for its colourful charm and its versatility. This petite poppy displays oversized blooms bursting with vibrant hues, creating a stunning visual impact from June until August. Its large, showy flowers make excellent cut flowers, bringing the beauty of the garden indoors. With its compact size and abundant blooms, ‘Garden Gnome’ adds a colourful touch of whimsy to borders, rock gardens and containers.

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Planting Conditions

When planting Poppy 'Garden Gnome,' consider key factors for optimal growth. Choose well-drained soil in a sunny location, providing a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight daily. Maintain adequate spacing of 12-18 inches between plants to allow proper air circulation. Optimal planting times are in early Spring or Autumn for successful establishment, avoiding planting in frosts. These factors contribute to the health and vigour of 'Garden Gnome,' ensuring a robust display of classic poppy blooms in your garden. Following these planting conditions provides a solid foundation for the perennial's growth and overall performance in your outdoor space.

Watering & Feeding

To maintain Poppies we recommend adopting an 'easy-care' approach to watering and feeding. Keep the soil consistently moist but avoid waterlogging, especially during dry spells. This perennial doesn't demand excessive watering, making moderation key. As for feeding, 'Garden Gnome' is relatively undemanding. A balanced, slow-release fertiliser applied in early Spring provides sufficient nutrients for healthy growth. However, avoid over-fertilising to prevent excessive lushness. With careful attention to watering and modest feeding, this poppy variety will reward you with its vibrantly dramatic blooms, showcasing its natural beauty without any overwhelming maintenance.

General Care

Caring for Poppy 'Garden Gnome' is straightforward. Regular deadheading with the removal of spent blooms, encourages continuous flowering and maintains a tidy appearance. We suggest cutting back hard after flowering to promote a second flush of flowers. Monitor for potential pests and diseases, addressing any signs promptly to preserve the plant's health. Adequate spacing of 12-18 inches promotes good air circulation and reduces the risk of fungal issues. This perennial generally requires minimal care beyond these considerations, allowing you to enjoy its classic poppy blooms with ease. With straightforward care measures, 'Garden Gnome' stands as a resilient and impactful addition to your garden.