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Peony Itoh Callies Memory


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June - July
90cm x 75cm
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy
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Callies memory lasts a lifetime through this beautifully scented Peony. Creating memories in your garden with loved ones will be an absolute pleasure, with the backdrop of theses attractive blooms. Grab a blanket and enjoy!

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Peony Callies Memory is an upright and compact herbaceous perennial that will last a lifetime. The creamy yellow-peach flowers are semi to double layered with a flush of raspberry-red, creating a perfectly vintage tone overall. The spicily-scented, saucer shaped blooms arrive between Spring to early Summer each year on erect stems. The foliage is particularly beautiful, dissected with a dark green colour in Summertime and a tinge of bronzy-red when coming in and out of season in Spring and Autumn. The depth of the fresh vintage colours in Peony Callies Memory are perfect for a wedding or special occasions where they are sure to be admired by all. Peonies are particularly popular for weddings due to their large showy flowers that are said to represent good fortune, love and happiness. Furthermore Callies Memory has interesting spicily-scented flowers and provide strong long-lasting cut flowers. The colourway lends itself to many colour schemes for cut arrangements and storing your buds in the refrigerator will prolong their opening ready for the occasion too! The rounded flowers work well in the garden with perennials that produce flowers on spikes such as: Delphiniums, Foxgloves (Digitalis) and Lupins. Peony Callies Memory suit a wide range of garden designs, such as; Traditional Gardens, Cottage Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens, Cutting Gardens and Sensory Gardens, as well as in Beds and Borders or as a stunning standalone feature in a pot. Your Peony Callies Memory lasts for years and get larger and stronger over time, so a wonderful reminder of memories that you hold dear in your garden space.

Planting Conditions

Peonies live for years and are very low maintenance. Give them a sunny or partially shaded spot and make sure your soil is free draining. Don't plant them too deep or they may not flower well, the eyes of the Peony roots should be no more than 3cm below the surface. If your soil does not drain well add some sand or grit when planting to help with this. A planting position that is sheltered from strong winds is preferable as the large blooms can make them top heavy.

Watering & Feeding

During dry periods water well in the first year until established. Be careful not to overwater as this will lead to the roots rotting, especially in autumn and winter. The best way to see if your Peony needs watering is to test the soil with your hands. Dig down a couple of inches and if the soil is dry it needs watering. Once established Peonies are deep-rooted, so regularly watering is not required. Peonies should not require feeding if planted in rich, fertile soils, but if your soil is poor add a balanced, general fertiliser in the spring. Signs of a healthy soil are plenty of underground plant and animal activity, such as worms and fungi.

General Care

For larger or double flowered Peonies the best time to add a stake to support is in March/April. Remove faded flowers by cutting the flower stem back to where it meets the leaves. Cut the plant back to ground level after the foliage dies down in autumn. If you've had a Summer where your Peony hasn't flowered as well divide the plant in Autumn/Winter. Split the bulbs with a sharp knife, leaving 3+ eyes on each root. When you replant your clumps remember not to plant too deep (no more than 3cm below the surface) and be sure to leave around 3ft between each plant.